Quickvue Files

Why not make a smart and simple choice and use Quickvue files with your existing system, both filing cabinets drawers and personal pedestal drawers. Just add a file rack to each drawer and you will instantly discover how Quickvue is the cost effective organised alternative to suspension files.

You can easily identify files thanks to the angled tab across the top of each file and the design of the file stops it falling off the metal rails unlike conventional filing systems.

Avery Lateral Filing Quickvue Files
White Quickview™ Files 166007

White Quickview™ Files 166007

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242 x 367 mm
50 Pack
30 mm Expansion
Quickvue File Racks FAQs


What Is an Item That Can Hold Files and Folders?

An item that's great for holding files and folders is a file rack or file cabinet. These come in different styles and sizes. Some sit on your desk, and others stand on the floor. They're perfect for keeping your documents neat and in order so you can easily grab what you need.

What Is a File Organiser?

A file organiser is a handy tool for keeping your documents sorted and accessible. It's basically a storage solution that has slots, shelves, or dividers where you can place your files and folders. They come in different materials like metal or plastic and can sit on your desk or be a standalone piece.

What Are Places You Can Store Files?

You've got a few options for storing files. Traditional filing cabinets are a go-to, but you can also use desk drawers, storage boxes, or file rack shelving units. If you're short on space, wall-mounted file holders can be a smart choice. And don't forget digital storage! Cloud services and hard drives are great for keeping digital copies of important documents.

What Is the Size of a Standard File Holder?

The size of a standard file holder can vary, but most are designed to fit A4-sized documents comfortably. They're around 300-350 mm wide and 240-300 mm tall. If you're getting one for your desk, it's a good idea to measure your space first to make sure it fits.

What Is the Safest Way To Store Files?

The safest way to store files depends on what's inside them. For important documents, a lockable filing cabinet or safe can provide the security you need. To protect against damage, keep them in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight. Secure cloud storage or encrypted hard drives are your best bet for digital files, especially for backing up important data.