Avery Labels by Shape

Find your perfect shape.

At Avery, we offer a broad range of different-shaped labels, including our well-known rectangles, squares, ovals, circles, and more! 

Our shape labels will transform your product packaging from ordinary to extraordinary! For example, our oval labels are perfect for homemade jams and chutney, while our square labels will help your candles get noticed. 

Explore Avery’s labels by shape today and discover the ideal label for any product or project

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How Do I Choose the Right Label Shape for My Product?

When it comes to choosing labels, the shape of the label significantly impacts the final look and feel of your product or project. This is particularly true for products. Your product’s label tells a story about your brand before a customer even tries your product. 

Here are some key factors to consider when shopping for labels by shape for your product:

  • Product packaging: The label should complement the shape and size of your product's packaging, fitting neatly and securely on the surface.
  • Brand identity: Think about your brand's personality. Is it fun and playful or sophisticated and luxurious? The shape of your label can communicate this. For instance, circle labels can convey a playful feel, while oval labels usually suggest elegance.
  • Market and audience: Who are you selling to? Creative audiences might be drawn to more unique shapes like hearts or stars, while a professional audience may prefer traditional shapes like rectangles or ovals.
  • Label content: What information needs to be on the label? A rectangular or square label works best for a lot of text or detailed graphics, while circles or ovals work for simpler designs or minimal text.

What custom shape labels does Avery offer?

Avery offers a huge range of custom shape labels to cater to all your labelling needs, whether for business, personal use, or educational purposes.

Shapes include 

  • Rectangle
  • Round
  • Square
  • Oval
  • Arched
  • Heart
  • CD and DVD labels
  • Star
  • And more!

What products or projects can you use these label shapes on? 

A rectangle label is a classic choice that communicates professionalism and reliability. These labels provide ample space for detailed information and create a neat look that assures customers of the quality of your product.

For kitchen and home organisation, use rectangle labels to organise food items, storage bins, and file folders. 

With their clean lines and symmetry, square labels can offer a modern vibe. They’re excellent for showcasing bold logos or striking product images, such as on high-end candles, boutique coffee beans, or tech gadgets.

The soft, rounded lines of oval labels give products a more refined feel. They’ll help your product exude sophistication and quality, for example, on wine bottles, perfumes, or gourmet chocolates.

Avery’s round / circle labels are available in different diameters to fit your requirements. Use them to seal envelopes with your business logo, label handcrafted items, or create custom marketing or promotional event stickers.

Thinking outside the box? Heart-shaped labels are a fantastic way to convey emotion and a personal touch for specialty products or gifts.

For parents and teachers looking for a motivational tool for kids, star-shaped stickers are ideal for merit stickers.

Which Shape Will You Choose?

Questions About Ordering Labels by Shape?

 Our labels open a world of creativity to help your brand stand out, as well as organise your home or office.  

 With an extensive range of sizes and materials available, you’ll find the right fit for your product or project. The possibilities are endless, from small rectangular labels to round sheet labels. 

Our blank sheet labels are made on demand, this allows the flexibility for you to order as little or as much as you need. We aim to manufacture and ship from our factory within 2 business days so you can get your custom quantity fast.

If you have any questions about customising your labels using our free Avery Design & Print templates, please contact our friendly customer service team on 1800 644 353 in Australia and 0800 228 379 in New Zealand. 

Alternatively, check out our FAQ page for more information