Blank Fabric Name Badge Labels

Now available to buy as individual sheets!

Avery Packs

Fabric Print & Divide Name Badges Labels 980040 Content: 150 Badges / 15 Sheets

Fabric Print & Divide Name Badges Labels 980040

88 x 52 mm
150 Badges / 15 Sheets
Fabric Name Badge Labels 959171 Content: 120 Badges / 15 Sheets

Fabric Name Badge Labels 959171

55.5 x 86.5 mm
120 Badges / 15 Sheets
Fabric Name Badge Labels 959170 Content: 405 Badges / 15 Sheets

Fabric Name Badge Labels 959170

29.6 x 63.5 mm
405 Badges / 15 Sheets
Card Name Badges Refill 947002 Content: 200 Badges / 25 Sheets

Card Name Badges Refill 947002

55.5 x 86.5 mm
200 Badges / 25 Sheets
Laser, Inkjet
Card Name Badges Kit 959077 Content: 24 Badges / 3 Sheets

Card Name Badges Kit 959077

86.5 x 55.5 mm
24 Badges / 3 Sheets
Laser, Inkjet

Features & Benefits

Fabric Name Badge Labels

Unique Print and Divide feature

Print & Divide feature allows you to tear off, sort and distribute your badges easily

Print & Divide feature allow you to print your labels using a standard printer, and then tear along the perforation for individual separation of the name badge labels. This mean you can sort into sections before application and hand out to your attendees so they can apply their own badges.

This feature is only available on buying direct by the configurator above or on packs 980040, 982040, 981040.

Import your Contacts

Avery has free pre-designed templates to carry your identity and personality across all collateral to make your next event a running success. You can import your contact list with our mail merge feature on Avery Design and Print to quickly and easily create your name badges for your event.

Read our quick guide on how to import data

Close up of name badge on suit


Avery Name Badge Labels are attractive silk like material which moves freely with your clothing and sticks securely without curling or falling off. They are safe for applying to most fabrics and can be removed easily leaving no residue. 

What Are Customised Name Badges?

Imagine you're at a business seminar representing your company. You meet a few people you'd like to remember, but it's hard to keep track of everyone. Name badges are the answer!

Name badges are labels that can be pinned, clipped or stuck onto clothing. They typically feature a person's name, along with the company they work for. Customised name badges help people remember each other's names and make a good first impression at events or conferences.

So it's important to choose a name badge that reflects your company. Our customised name badges can be branded with your logo, slogan and even a particular colour or typeface. This freedom in design allows you to make the perfect name badge that matches your company's values and brand.

Avery has two types of name badges, fabric and card. Our fabric material is made from flexible acetate silk. It can be used on most textiles and removed without leaving residue. So you won't have to worry about them ruining your clothing.

Our three-sheet 150gsm card paper material is more durable and perfect for clip-style badge holders. They include PVC-free badge holders with two options for securing the badge to your clothes.

But what is the etiquette for name badges? And what is the proper location for a name badge?

The etiquette for name badges is pretty simple. When using a fabric badge, place it on the left side of your clothing, towards the middle. For cardholders, place them on the right side of your clothing, closer to the shoulder than the middle of your chest

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