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Create a professional look & add your own style to files and folders with Avery dividers and presentation products. Great for home, office or student applications, there is a solution tailored to your individual needs.

Avery dividers have options for business, daily reference and general use. Choose from pre-printed dividers or create customised divider tabs in minutes, with easy-to-use templates, simply Design, Print, Peel and Stick!

Dividers & Presentation
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Dividers & Presentation FAQs

How Do I Use File Dividers?

Just pop them into your binder or file at intervals that make sense for your documents. Each folder divider can represent a section or category- like 'Bills', 'Letters', or 'Reports'. Label each section clearly, and voilà, you've got yourself an organised binder or file where everything's easy to find.

How Do I Keep My Binder Organised?

To keep your binder organised, use a combination of folder dividers and consistent labelling. Decide on a system for organising your documents; it could be by date, topic, or project. Use dividers to separate these sections. Regularly go through your binder to remove old or unnecessary documents to avoid clutter.

Can You Print on Dividers?

Yes, you can print on dividers, especially if they're made of paper or cardstock. It's a neat way to customise them. Just make sure the dividers are suitable for your printer.

How Do I Print Directly on Divider Tabs?

Printing directly on divider tabs can be a bit tricky, but it's doable with the proper setup. First, check if your printer can handle the size and thickness of the tabs. Create a template that matches the tab size, then print a test page on regular paper to ensure alignment. Once you're confident, print on the tabs.

Can You Print on Plastic Dividers?

Printing on plastic dividers is more challenging because not all printers can handle the plastic material without smudging or jamming. Printing labels and sticking them onto the plastic dividers is usually the safer bet.