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Avery WePrint - How It Works

Create and print your product labels with Avery WePrint

Add impact to your sales and promotions

We print all our labels and stickers using the latest digital printing technology on tested Avery materials.

Square labels - custom printed

We have many options to help get your logo or design printed professionally on our labels and stickers. Simply upload your own design, use one of our design templates, or create it from scratch with our online designer.

 Plaque Labels and Stickers

We don't just specialise in custom printing labels and stickers - we also manufacture the label paper itself! Rest assured your labels will withstand the wear and tear of markets, stores, and any delivery processes they may face.

You create, we print & deliver!

We help thousands of businesses and individuals around Australia and New Zealand by printing beautiful custom labels and stickers. We offer a wide (and growing) variety of shapes, sizes, and materials to choose from, and we have 80+ years of experience in the label business – so you can be sure we know a thing or two about labels and stickers.

Have any questions?

Our FAQs section contains answers to all your Avery WePrint questions including selecting the right material, using our online design tool, artwork specifications, and the ordering / shipping process. You can also contact our friendly customer service team who will be happy to help.

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Custom Product Packaging Labels FAQs

Creating a custom product label starts with a good design. Use Avery's easy-to-use Design & Print software to lay out your label. Include your brand logo, product name, and any necessary information like ingredients or usage instructions, and make it look snazzy. Once your design's ready, you can order it through Avery's WePrint.

Printing your own custom product labels can be cheaper for small batches. For larger quantities, a printing service like Avery WePrint could be more cost-effective.

The best paper depends on your product. For most items, a high-quality, self-adhesive label paper works great. If your product will be exposed to moisture or handling, consider a more durable, waterproof option like polyester.

Ultimately, It's about your brand's look. Glossy labels are shiny and vibrant, great for catching the eye. Matte labels have a more subdued, classy vibe and are easier to read. Think about what fits your product's personality.

Matte labels aren't naturally waterproof. If you need them to stand up to moisture, you'll need to choose a matte material designed for that or add a waterproof layer.

To waterproof your labels, you can use a clear waterproof spray or laminate them. This adds a protective layer over the ink, keeping your labels looking sharp, come rain or shine. Just make sure the spray or laminate is suitable for your label material. The easiest option? Choose a waterproof, heavy-duty label from Avery!