Removable Labels

For Laser and Inkjet Printers

If you're not looking for a long-term commitment, these Avery removable labels are just what you need. Avery's removable laser labels apply securely, but when you want to take them off, they remove easily without leaving any sticky residue.

They're perfect if you want to label items for sale but need the label to come off. Check out the range to see all the different sizes on offer. Try our Design and Print software to create your own professional-looking labels from home. Create your own unique design or choose from one of the many on offer in the Avery gallery.

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There's nothing more annoying than spending time and money on labels that don't do the job! But with Avery, you can guarantee your labels stay in place- until you want them to come off.

Avery's removable matt white paper labels are popular for many everyday uses due to their versatility. Given the range of seven different shapes in 78-size combinations, these labels can be used in virtually any situation imaginable. 

And since they can be printed at home using inkjet and laser printers, it's never been easier to personalise and customise your labels.

Picture this: you're a teacher wanting to label books for your students. With Avery's removable labels, you can label and mark a book and then easily remove the label when the student no longer needs it. 

Or maybe you need to attach a QR code or barcode onto products for sale. These removable laser labels protect your product by not leaving any sticky residue on removal.

Are you on the hunt for a more heavy-duty option? Avery's removable heavy-duty waterproof white polyester labels are designed for temperature variations from -20C◦ to +80°C. 

They are waterproof, UV-resistant, oil and dirt resistant. They're perfect for industrial or outdoor use and won't come off when you don't want them to, but they are easy to remove when you do

What are removable labels?

Removable labels offer easy removal without leaving residue or causing damage.

Are Avery stickers removable?

Yes, Avery stickers have a removable adhesive option. Avery offers a variety of label products, allowing users to choose the adhesive type that suits their specific temporary labelling needs

How do removable stickers work?

Removable stickers, also known as removable labels, function using a specialised adhesive that offers a balance between secure attachment and easy removal. The adhesive has lower tackiness than permanent stickers, allowing them to stick firmly to surfaces

What kind of stickers don't leave residue?

Stickers that don't leave a residue are known as removable labels. These labels use a specialised adhesive that allows them to adhere securely to surfaces while being easily peeled off without leaving any sticky residue behind. 

How do you remove labels without leaving sticky residue?

To remove a label without damage, gently peel one corner or edge. If it's stubborn, soaking in warm soapy water.

How do you remove stickers without peeling?

Soaking the label in warm soapy water will make removing more easily, It there is any sticky residue left behind, you can also use adhesive remover or eucalyptus or tea tree oil

What type of stickers come off easily?

Stickers that come off easily are typically removable labels. These labels use a low-tack adhesive designed for effortless removal without leaving any residue or causing surface damage.

What are non adhesive labels?

All labels will have an adhesive backing