Folders with Fasteners

Avery provides manilla folders with fasteners fixed to make it faster to secure your paper documents. The range includes folders secured with a tubeclip, spring transfer and spiral spring action transfer files, which allow you to secure your paperwork without any fuss. The paper fasteners are available individually in a range of colours as well and easily adhere to folders and files.


Manilla Folders
Folder with Spiral Transfer
Folder with Spiral Spring Transfer
Avery Tube Clip Fasteners

Folders with Fasteners FAQs

What Is a Fastener Folder?

A fastener folder is a type of folder that comes with built-in fasteners or clips. These are used to securely hold papers inside the folder. The fasteners stop documents from falling out or getting mixed up, especially when you're moving the folder around. They're really handy for keeping everything in order, especially for important documents that are used a lot.

What Are Folders With Prongs Called?

Folders with prongs are often called pronged folders or sometimes two-prong folders. These prongs are usually metal strips or pieces that you can bend to hold punched papers in place.

What Is A File Fastener?

A file fastener is used to secure papers inside a file or folder. It usually has metal or plastic parts that hold the papers together, often fitting into punched holes in the paper. These fasteners keep your documents organised and in place.

What Are Different Types of Folders Called?

You've got manila folders, which are the classic file folders. Then there are pocket folders with pockets inside for holding loose papers. Hanging folders are designed to hang in file cabinets with built-in hooks. Accordion folders expand and have multiple sections for organising a bunch of documents.

How Do You Use Manila Folder Binder Clips?

To use binder clips on a manila folder, open the binder clip by pinching the metal handles, then slide the open part over your stack of papers. Release the handles to secure the clip. You can then fold the handles down or remove them entirely for easy storage.

How Do You Attach a Binder Clip?

Open it by squeezing the metal handles together, then place the open part over the edge of the papers you want to secure. Once it's in place, release the handles, and they'll clamp down and hold the papers together. You can leave the handles sticking out or fold them flat against the papers for a neater look.