Swing Tags

Add a professional touch to your products with custom swing tags.

Our range of Swing Tags are ideal for retailers and DIY’ers looking to customise their tags to add that personal touch. Our Printable Swing Tags give your product that professional finish and are a perfect way to bring your product to life. These also work great as Gift Tags to make each gift extra special!

To easily identify your product, our Shipping Swing Tags ensure your mailing information is clear and easily noticed for short and long distance journeys. Looking to add some colour to your tags? We have a Coloured Swing Tags range with bright and pastel coloured options. Tagging delicate items like clothing, jewellery and homewares has never been easier with our Price Tags that are attached with twine.

Swing Tags - Printable Tags, Shipping Tags, Coloured Tags and Price Tags.

Our Range of Swing Tags

Avery Printable Swing Tags
Shipping Tags
Avery Coloured Tags
Avery Price Tags and Custom Merchandise Tags