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How it works

Avery WePrint - How It Works

Highlight your sales and promotions with custom printed stickers

Add impact to your sales and promotions

Visual presentation plays an important role in selling most goods and services, and high quality labels will give you that extra professional touch.

Custom printed labels and stickers

State of the art printing technology and special adhesive makes these labels tougher and longer lasting.

 Plaque Labels and Stickers

We don't just specialise in custom printing labels and stickers - we also manufacture the label paper itself! Rest assured your labels will withstand the wear and tear of markets, stores, and any delivery processes they may face.

You create, we print & deliver!

We help thousands of businesses and individuals around Australia and New Zealand by printing beautiful custom labels and stickers. We offer a wide (and growing) variety of shapes, sizes, and materials to choose from, and we have 80+ years of experience in the label business – so you can be sure we know a thing or two about labels and stickers.

Have any questions?

Our FAQs section contains answers to all your Avery WePrint questions including selecting the right material, using our online design tool, artwork specifications, and the ordering / shipping process. You can also contact our friendly customer service team who will be happy to help.

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Pricing and Promotion Labels FAQs

Price labels, often called price tags, are those little stickers or tags you see on products in a store that show how much something costs. They usually include the price and sometimes other details like barcodes or product codes.

To put a price tag on an item, you can either stick a label directly onto the product or hang a tag using string or a plastic fastener. Some items, like clothing, often have price tags attached to the label or a seam. It's important to place the tag where it's easily seen by customers.

Price tags are super important because they tell customers how much something costs without needing to ask. They help make shopping smoother and more straightforward, and they're also needed for the checkout process in stores with barcode scanners.

Some stores might not display retail price labels mainly as a sales tactic. It's often in high-end shops when they want customers to fall in love with the product first, hoping they'll be less concerned about the price.

Promo stickers are stickers used for promotions or advertising. They can be slapped on products to highlight a sale, special feature, or new item. They're designed to catch your eye and often have bright colours or bold text.

Stickers can be a creative and cost-effective way to advertise. You can put them in public places (where allowed), hand them out at events, or include them with customer purchases. They should have your brand name, logo, and maybe a catchy slogan or website. The idea is to get them stuck in places where they'll be seen by lots of people.

To make professional stickers, start with a solid design that represents your brand well. Use clear, eye-catching graphics and legible text. You can design them using software like Avery Design & Print.