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Avery Filing products help you to stay organised and in control of your documents and project resources, so you can easily access them at short notice when you need them the most. Whether you're filing for yourself or for a large office, Avery has the solution for you, from manilla folders and file fasteners, to complete lateral filing packages.

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Manilla Folders, Fasteners & Labels FAQs

What Equipment Do You Need for Filing?

For a solid filing setup, you'll need a few basics. A filing cabinet- lateral or vertical, depending on your preference and space. Then, grab some hanging file folders and tabs for labelling. Using Avery Design & Print is a great option for labelling your folders. It allows you to customise and print your file labels, giving your filing system a neat and professional look.

What Are Some Modern Filing Devices?

Modern filing has come a long way. Apart from the usual cabinets and folders, there are now digital filing systems like cloud storage and electronic document management systems. These let you store and organise files digitally, which is a huge space saver. There are also smart filing systems that can automate sorting and organising for you.

How Do I Start a Filing System?

First, decide what kind of system you want- alphabetical, by date, by project, or maybe by document type. Get your folders and labels sorted based on this system. Then, it's just a matter of going through your documents and filing them accordingly. Keep it consistent, and remember to periodically clear out anything outdated.

How Do I Organise My Filing?

Organising your filing means being consistent and clear. Choose a system, alphabetical or by category, and stick to it. Label each file clearly, and place them in your cabinet in an order that makes sense for you or your business. Regularly revisiting and decluttering your files helps keep everything tidy and in order.

What Is the Proper Way To File a Document?

The proper way to file a document is first to determine where it fits in your filing system. Once you know where it belongs, place it in the correct file, usually at the front or back, depending on your system. If it's a new category, create a new file for it. Make sure it's labelled clearly so you can find it easily later on.