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Firstly, they identify the product or brand. Secondly, they provide important information like ingredients or usage instructions. Thirdly, they help in marketing and attracting customers with their design. Fourthly, they provide legal information, including safety instructions. Lastly, they offer convenience in terms of usage, handling, and storage.

Labels give you the nitty-gritty about what's inside a product. They list things like ingredients, expiry dates, manufacturer details, and usage instructions. They also might have warnings, allergen info, and barcodes for checkout scanning.

Key information on packaging and labelling includes the product name, ingredients, expiry or best-before dates, company name and contact details, net quantity, and nutritional information if it's food. Don't forget any legal or safety information required for certain products.

The most important parts of a label are the product name, brand logo, list of ingredients, any safety or usage instructions, manufacturing and expiry dates, and contact information of the manufacturer or distributor. If it's a food product, nutritional information is also needed.

Label stickers are mostly used for identifying products, providing information about them, and helping them stand out on the shelf. They're also used for organisational purposes, like in offices or warehouses, and sometimes for promotional or decorative purposes.

Sticker paper is used to create custom stickers for labelling products, promotional activities, personalising items, or even for creative projects and crafts. It's a handy way to print and stick designs or information wherever needed.

Packaging stickers offer many benefits: they're a cost-effective way to brand and identify products, they can be easily customised, they enhance the product's appeal with attractive designs, and they provide essential information to the consumer in a compact format. Stickers can also add to the user experience, making packaging more interactive or fun.