Looking for old Avery Software?

Here's what to do next

Avery released our first label-creator software back in 1990! Since then we have been constantly innovating they ways in which people can design their labels and have launched various software offerings over the years.

Because we are always trying to improve your experience when designing your Avery products, over time we need to retire older software in favour of our latest development. In most cases, we are able to help you convert any old projects you have created on your old software to be compatible with today's Design & Print online.

Read on to find out what's happened to your old software and what you can do next:

Avery Design and Print Desktop Version

Avery Design & Print Desktop

If you have already downloaded our Desktop application, you may want to think about switching to our Online version. Unfortunately, we are no longer offering a Design & Print download to new users as we will not be able to support this offline version from 2019.

Don't worry - any designs you created using Desktop App can still be opened in Avery Design & Print Online, even if they are saved on your computer. And, if you have previously saved your projects to an Avery Account, you will see them all online already!

If you have any questions about your Design & Print Desktop app, or would like to talk about our Online software, please contact our Consumer Support Team
Australia: 1800 644 353
New Zealand: 0800 228 379

Avery DesignPro

Avery DesignPro

Avery launched our first version of Design Pro in 2001, first with the .zdp extension, changing to .zdl in 2005 (.cmdx for Macs).

The Design pro software was discontinued approximately 10 years ago. Due to this, the software is no longer being supported.

You will need to recreate your designs using our current Design & Print software, which is free to use and on our website!

Click here to head to our Design & Print portal to get started.

Lifestyle - Software - AveryWizard

Avery Wizard

Avery have worked in partnership with Microsoft® for over 30 years to help you create the perfect labels. You can find majority of Avery product templates within Microsoft® Word® itself by going into the Mailing Tabs > Labels, or you can download individual blank templates from our website.

With all of our templates already inside Word®, and Design & Print offering an easier step by step approach to label creation, we retired the Avery Wizard for Microsoft® plug-in after MS Office 2013.

If you prefer using Word templates to create your labels, please download your Avery product's Word Template here. Alternatively, please start Design & Print Online to create your labels following the easy steps.

Avery DPO Tablet

Avery Design & Print Tablet App

Avery has had a stand alone Tablet App version of Design & Print for the last few years.

The good news is, our latest version of Design & Print is now touch compatible, so it is no longer necessary to download a separate application. We have now stopped supporting the Tablet App, and have removed it from App stores. 

To continue to use Design & Print on your tablet, simply navigate to Design & Print from the Avery Website or click here from your Tablet or Mobile phone