Lateral Filing

Evolve your filing system into a highly efficient, vertical space saving solution! Avery Lateral Filing can provide a customisable solution that is unique to the needs of your organisation. The comprehensive range includes cabinets, files and wallets, coding labels and filing software which can be tailored to your accessibility and storage requirements.

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Lateral Filing FAQs

What Is the Difference Between Lateral and Vertical Filing?

Lateral and vertical filing are two different ways to keep your papers in order. Lateral filing cabinets have files running side by side, kind of like books on a shelf. This setup means you're looking at the files from the long side of the drawer. Vertical filing is more like a tower of files, each piled on top of the other, facing the drawer's front. So, lateral is wide and spread out, while vertical is more about stacking up.

What Are the Advantages of Using Lateral File Cabinets?

Opting for lateral file cabinets is a good choice if you need space. They're wider, so you can fit more in each drawer- great for big documents or lots of files. They're also handy for seeing and grabbing what you need without digging too deep. Plus, the top of these cabinets can be a great extra spot for storage or decor.

Do Lateral File Cabinets Hold More?

In most cases, lateral cabinets can hold a fair bit more. They offer that extra width, so you're getting more filing space per drawer. This is especially useful if you've got a load of documents or larger-sized papers.

What Are the Disadvantages of Lateral Filing?

The downside to lateral filing is they need more wall space, which is not ideal if your office is a bit on the smaller side. They can also be pricier and heavier. A full drawer can be pretty hefty to pull open!