Quickvue™ Four Drawer Filing Stock Package

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  • Cost-effective storage solution for small businesses or home offices
  • Quickvue™ file is the alternative to a suspension filing, and solves the problem of files falling of metail rails
  • With Quickvue™ files you can easily identify files thanks to the angled top across each file
  • 4 x 166007 (200 white Quickvue files, 288 file title labels), 4 x 40447 (straight edge file rack - 500 x 390mm)
  • Also includes 1 x 43300 (top tab label starter kit) to get your file labelling started


Tired of searching files from a messy drawer? Or are you looking for an alternative to the old suspension files? Avery four drawer filing cabinet stock packages including Quickvue™ files and other filing accessories help organise your files in a flash. Why wait? Convert today and get organised!


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