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Avery Design & Print is a free piece of online software that helps you design and print onto your Avery products. You can use the online software on your PC, Mac, tablet or mobile.

Avery Design and Print is an online application and does not require and specific software or tools to run. When you are ready to print, Design & Print generates a PDF of your design. We strongly recommend that you use Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the PDF of your design, rather than your Internet Browser’s internal PDF reader.

You can download it for free here:

First check the following:

Your printer is set to A4 not US Letter Size.

Your PDF is showing “Print to Actual Size” and not “Fit to page”

Are you printing from Adobe Acrobat reader or from your Internet Browser’s own PDF viewer? We always recommend printing from Adobe Reader, as it provides the most consistent results.  You can download it for free here:

To read more about specific browser settings click here

When you have finished formatting your design, click the green Preview & Print button, use the Step 4 tab or the Print button at the top of the Customise screen.

Please note: Be sure to use only Avery branded products for guaranteed results.

Important: Avery Design & Print automatically converts any label design you create to PDF format for optimum print results. However, different browsers perform this conversion differently.  We always recommend to override any Browser’s inbuilt PDF generator and only open your project’s PDF using Adobe Acrobat Reader. Read more about this here.

Click Print when you’re ready and then click to open a PDF. Be sure to change your printer settings inside the Print window under Properties to Labels or Heavyweight or Cardstock and be sure the alignment guides are snug against the product. This will help your printer feed special products more accurately. Always check you have selected “A4” paper (not US letter size) and that you print “Actual size” (not “Fit to page”).

Yes! And you have several choices as to where you select images from:

Your Computer: Click the Browse for File button to browse your computer to find the image you want to use. Note: ai, bmp, eps, jpg, jpeg, pdf, png, psd and tiff files are all supported.

From Avery Gallery: There are lots of free clipart images to choose from our Avery Gallery. Use the categories on the left to find the right type of image for your project.

From Facebook, Instagram, Flickr or Google Photos: Log in to your social media accounts and select your favourite photos.

Yes, you can save your template and reopen and edit it later in Avery Design & Print. 

You can save your project at any time using the Save button at the top of the Customise and Preview & Print screens.

Select Avery Account to save the project within Design & Print. Projects saved in Avery Accounts can be accessed from any computer with internet access. You just need to log on to your account. You will be prompted to Sign In with an email address and password, or register.

Select My Computer to save the project to your computer. Projects will save as a .avery file and can only be opened using Design & Print Online or our Desktop app.

To open a previously saved project, just click the Open button on the Customise screen.

Read more about this topic here

Avery Design & Print makes it easy for you to select a design you've created and apply it to another Avery product without having to recreate your design. To apply your design to another product, open the design you like, click the Change Template button in the top left corner. You will be then be asked whether you would like to keep your design or discard, click Keep Design and then select the new template you would like your design applied to. You will then see your design placed on the new template for you to edit.

For example, if you are organising a branded event, creating your business’s stationery or just want to use one of your favourite designs on other Avery products, you can easily apply the designs using this feature.

You can manage your Avery Design and Print account from the Home Page of the software. 

Forgotten password:  If you have forgotten your password, click “Sign in” and choose “I forgot my password”.

If you have recently update your email account and need to move your projects to your new address, please contact [email protected] with your details and we can arrange for this to happen.


Open Design & Print Online and click on the Open button.  You can then open a project from your account or navigate to where you have saved your .avery files on your computer.

If you cannot find where your Design & Print design has gone once your press print or save, first check your computer’s Downloads folder. This is where items taken from the Internet will appear on your computer.  You may find all kinds of lost files there!

Avery PDFs will be called Preview.  You can search from them by Date to find your latest download.  Simply click the word Date on the date column to sort files into date order.

Tip: If you plan on using the template frequently, you might want to save it to your desktop or move it to another folder that can be easily accessed. You can also rename your file to something that’s easier to remember.

If you are a previous DesignPro user, you can still open your .zdl projects within our previous version of Avery Design and Print. Here’s how:

Choose the Open a Saved Project tab and click at the bottom of the screen to Load Project. Browse for your DesignPro PC .zdl file or your DesignPro Mac .avery file on your computer and click Open. Once your project opens, you can then customise your design.

Save or Print your project using Avery Design & Print. If you save your project to a free MyAvery account, you can access your projects from any computer or tablet while online.

Please note:
- please use this version of Design & Print only
- Some projects will not transfer completely. Data that was imported into a DesignPro project (such as a mail merge) will not carry over to Avery Design & Print. The layout for your project should transfer and then you can use the easy drag-and-drop mail merge in Avery Design & Print Online to import your data.

- Images from the DesignPro clip art gallery may not import, but you can choose a new image from the extensive gallery in Avery Design & Print.

- Serial barcodes and Date/Time stamps will not import, and will need to be re-created. Barcodes that are not supported by Avery Design & Print will not import, but you will be able to generate QR Codes with Avery Design & Print.