Wedding Bonbonnieres For Any Budget

Bonbonnieres, guest favours, wedding favours…there are a myriad of names that have been assigned to these small but important parting gifts that you hand over to your wedding guests as a memorable token of sharing your special day. Some couples like to hand out their bonbonnieres personally as they greet their guests, whereas others may place them at each table or even by the exit door as a departing gift.

Wedding favours shouldn't be overlooked or underestimated when planning your wedding day, and it's important to have these gifts in keeping with your wedding style. Bonbonnieres can add up in price and put pressure on your wedding budget, but they needn't break the bank. Creative and crafty DIY ideas combined with clever packaging can help to spoil your guests whilst saving you money at the same time!

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Package the Bonbonniere Yourself

Packaging the bonbonnieres yourself will save you a few dollars on each item which will be a considerable saving overall. Many wedding favour suppliers will give you the option to do this so it is a good idea to accept. One great idea is to splurge on good quality fine chocolate and then pack them yourself into budget-friendly boxes or bags with the special touch provided by a personal label.

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Have the Bonbonniere Play the Part of Your Table Centrepieces

A cute and creative option is to display your bonbonnieres in the centre of the table and allow your guests to take them home at the end of the night. By doing this you avoid spending significant budget on extravagant floral centrepieces and they can act as a great conversation starter for your guests. A collection of vibrant lollipops, individual flowers or jars filled with colourful lollies are just a few simple ideas to add vibrancy to your table and save you money. By creating beautiful labels for each (try Avery Glossy Oval Labels or Textured Arched Labels), your guests will have individual gifts ready to take home at the end of the wedding.

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Personalise Your Bonbonniere By Making It Yourself

If you are a creative person this is also the perfect opportunity to create homemade wedding favours. Some simple but effective ideas are homemade fudge or brownies, a hand painted postcard or filling jars with the layered ingredients to make your special choc-chip cookie recipe. Labelling your gift is cost-effective with Avery Glossy Round Labels or Kraft Brown Round Labels and Avery Design & Print Online. You can customise your label to match your theme, and know that your guests will cherish the personalised touch, while you saved money by doing it all yourself!

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Use Your Wedding Cake as a Bonbonniere

Having your cake double as a wedding favour will not only save you money but will also save you time. All you need to do is have a small but beautiful cake on display for cake cutting and have another cake pre-packaged into simple, themed gift boxes for your guests to take home. Tie a custom Avery White Printable Gift Tag to each box and you have yourself a winning wedding favour.

Wedding favours need not be a budget burden, or a trinket that will gather dust or be thrown away. With just a little creativity and zest you could design custom favours that not only infuse some personality into your wedding day, but that your guests will also love! So take on board these ideas and have your bonbonnieres be raved about long after the last dance!

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