Avery Waterproof Product Labels

Are you looking for label that can handle getting wet without coming unstuck? Our water resistant range is ideal for products that need a more durable label, including juices, kombucha, body lotions, hair care, facial products and more!

With a range of shapes and sizes you'll be able to brand your lip balms to your body moisturisers and be assured that these labels are tough enough.

Use Design and Print for FREE to create your own labels design or use one of our pre-designed templates to complete your look.

Juice Bottle Product Label & Custom Sticker Design & Print
190 x 16mm
12 Labels per sheet
100 x 30mm
18 Labels per sheet
62 x 42mm
18 Labels per sheet
63.5 x 46.6mm
18 Labels per sheet
98 x 25.4mm
20 Labels per sheet
62 x 35.5mm
21 Labels per sheet
63.5 x 38.1mm
21 Labels per sheet
134 x 11mm
24 Labels per sheet