Make your holiday shippings shine

When new orders come in for your products during the holiday season, it’s always a cause for celebration. But your marketing efforts and the customer’s journey shouldn’t end once the transaction is complete. Check out these simple holiday small business shipping and packaging ideas that will make your products shine.

Whether you’re shipping products directly to customers or they’re carrying them out of your storefront in a bag, your customer engagement should continue through the unboxing and beyond. Your packaging is a big part of that customer experience.

Make your holiday shine - shipping & packaging ideas

It may only be a brief glance or a short moment of anticipation as they open their box or bag but making it memorable is something that lasts, as evidenced by the thousands of unboxing videos on social media.

The best part is, it’s super simple and inexpensive to give your customers a reason to remember you this holiday and into the future. From customized holiday shipping labels and personalized inner box flaps to fun free gifts, custom Christmas stickers, and special coupons, just a little touch of holiday joy can go a long way.

Products Packaging Labels & Custom Stickers Printing

Dress up the outside packaging

One of 3 ways to make your products stand out this holiday is to add a long rectangle label that wraps around boxes to grab attention

The first thing your customers see is the shipping box or the bag they carried out of the store. Both offer easy, inexpensive marketing opportunities.

One simple way to make your packaging and shopping bags unique is with customized labels that feature a stunning holiday theme you can carry throughout the unboxing or unbagging experience.

You can easily customize shipping labels or holiday labels for your shopping bags by adding a personalized graphic and message at no extra cost. Avery offers free templates that you can customize to match your brand identity and carry across the entire unboxing.

An Impressive Unboxing

An unboxing they'll remember

Use packaging labels and stickers on inner flaps of boxes to create a fun unboxing experience and make your products stand out

Once they’ve opened the outer packaging, you want to create a memorable experience on the inside as well. For shipped items, you can personalize product labels for your inner box flaps that feature holiday color and messaging with your logo. Popular for care packages, personalizing the box flaps is a growing trend and easy to do.

Choose a unique shape so it stands out when they pop open the box. You can buy custom printed boxes or trendy kits on Etsy for your shipments. Or Avery offers custom size product labels and stickers at no extra charge so you can get the exact fit you need to cover your entire box flap and just peel stick and apply.

Once your customers open their shipping boxes or shopping bags, keep the surprises coming. Add a little sample gift with a personalized label from your company, a special coupon they’ll spend in your store on a future date, or even something as small as a custom sticker that can make customers smile and remember you next time they need to order. Simply order a sticker in the exact shape you want, like a snowflake, or add a fun message that customers will love sticking or sharing.

Tuck a custom greeting card inside shipments and shopping bags that features a special offer on their next purchase. Or print your own cards on-demand as you need them. Add a personal message to show customers what they mean to you.

Handout Coupons - Add a sticker or label to packaging

Handouts or direct mail

Add a star shaped sticker or label to packaging with holiday and christmas messaging

Make sure all your holiday mailings, whether they’re coupon offers, open houses, or Christmas cards, have a coordinated professional feel to keep your brand looking sharp. This is especially important if you offer a service and not a product.

It’s easy to make coordinating holiday address labels, seals, cards, product labels printing, and more using Avery. You can DIY your holiday shipping and packaging products using free Avery printable templates, or personalize Avery custom printed products online if you want Avery to print your products for you.

If you haven’t heard from customers in a while, send them personalized cards. Tell them you miss seeing them and include a nice “return offer” to get them to come back. Include a free holiday sticker in the envelope as an extra fun bonus. Make coordinating address labels and envelope seals to deliver a dazzling impression in the mailbox.

Do you sell at craft fairs, farmer’s markets, and boutiques? Hand out holiday stickers or coupon cards to people walking by to lure them to your stand. Give out samples in small bags with personalized holiday branding. That way, when customers are ready to buy they’ll remember you.

No matter how you sell, it’s easy to give products a holiday makeover with the inexpensive ideas above.