How to "Boo" Your Friends for Halloween

Spook your friends this Halloween season by "boo-ing" them with a surprise treat. The goal of this wicked tradition is to secretly spread some ghoulish cheer by leaving sweets on peoples' doorsteps, ringing their doorbell and running away. Instructions are included in each bag of treats to keep spreading the festive spirit and share the fun with others.

But you can also begin this delightful ritual in the office and at school. These handcrafted Halloween ideas are easy to make and a fantastic way to get people into the Halloween spirit.

We've even created a "BOO!" template using our free and easy Design & Print software. Making it easier to create customised "You've Been Boo'd" signs and tags.


"You've Been Boo’d" Printable Tags

Halloween isn't just about the lollies it's about the mood. Treats are essential, but the spooky presentation and personalised details are what can upgrade your boo bag from being just a cute treat to the highlight of Halloween. Printable tags are perfect since they give you the ability to print out phrases with frightful fonts and eerie images.

Gift Tags, Cards, Labels and other trimmings help dress up treats to fit the spooky season. These features also help draw in and direct the attention of the person you're boo-ing so that they can recognise every enchanting detail. Craft boo bags with paper bags, ribbons and Gift Tags.


"You've Been Boo’d" Treat Ideas

Traditional Halloween lollies and snacks you can gift include chocolates, lollipops and sherbert. However, Halloween is also a celebration of all types of candy, so feel free to mix and match. Many popular candy companies also release seasonally-exclusive and experimental treats during this time so take a stroll through your local store to see if anything jumps out at you.

You can also choose treats by how well they work together to make a more haunting display. If your treats look good enough, they could even end up on your neighbours' coffee tables as conversation starters. Our Matt Finish Business cards can be used for smart gift tags.

Ready-to-make packs of snacks are also a fun option to put together, especially with your kids. Craft your own devilish concoctions by mixing together various types of lollies.  Trueblock Shipping Labels make the perfect bag topper as it is an ideal size once folder over.


Finishing Touches

Now that you have your instructions, decorations and treats, it's time to stitch them all together to make the final package.  Make sure that a tag or note is immediately visible so that the recipient knows they're being boo'd. This is an excellent way to let them know why they received an unexpected gift and also makes it more likely for them to read the instructions and continue the tradition. 

Also, don't be afraid to branch out and be creative with your gifts. Lollies are always welcomed, but Halloween-themed clothing, toy rats, plastic cauldrons and more are also excellent gifts.  Depending on who you're gifting, many of these presents can also end up being decorations for desks, homes or classrooms as well.

And feel free to take a look through our various other labels and cards to see what your devious mind can concoct.  You can choose blank labels from various sizes with custom-picked materials, or we can even print your projects for you with Avery WePrint printing service and deliver them straight to your door. Although boo bags are anonymous, the best Gift will be the one that is undeniably you.

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