Small Business Spotlight - Scent Your Event

From their home, to yours

This month we are shining the spotlight on some Aussie Small businesses that are making their mark on the world and using Avery Products to do it. This month we chatted with Nicole from Scent Your Event. She gave some great advice on starting your own small business, as well as how she came up with their gorgeous label designs! 

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Who is Scent Your Event?

Scent your event in a nutshell is a personalised fragrance experience. Originally, we intended on creating bonbonniere and thank you gifts for events. We now offer an online shop for everyday home fragrancing and custom lines for businesses such as home organisers, hair and beauty salons and more!

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Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you started Scent Your Event?

I’m a mum of 2 boys. Before motherhood, I had a successful beauty business. I fully expected to be able to return to work, however, our eldest had other plans. He had a lot of health issues which meant 'stay at home Mum' was my job for the next few years, but I always had a passion for business, and more importantly for fragrance. I decided to launch Scent Your Event as a hobby, to see where it went. 1.5 years on and we have proudly built a small empire, while I’m still able to be home and present with my children.

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What are some challenges you’ve had to overcome so far?

Funnily enough PRINTING LABELS! I remember first trying to figure out labels and printing, I felt like my brain was in overload. Once I discovered Avery labels, I invested in a half-decent printer and not only did I dramatically save on label printing, but I was able to launch products within days because I had everything at my finger tips.

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What made you choose Avery for your labels?

We have a sister business Sanoma Skin Australia which requires heavy duty, waterproof labels, and Scent Your Event which requires luxury labels. Avery has by far the easiest online printing tools, aswell as the largest most affordable range. We can access the best label for our products without spending a fortune. Postage is always lightning fast too!

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Can you share a bit about the thought process behind your label designs?  

Scent Your Event is a neutral yet luxe brand.  We design our products to be neutral enough to suit most homes, but also want them to be unique and above all expensive looking. With Avery linen texture labels I cannot describe how elevated a product can look just from an amazing label choice. Compared to foiled labels which are double if not triple the price, Avery labels are much more cost-efficient.

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We noticed you sell Mystery Packs! Can you tell us what the inspiration was behind that?

Our favourite part of business is packing our customers orders. We include freebies and samples so their unboxing is always an experience to remember. Mystery boxes are a great way to continue that suprise. We often find the samples we put for our customers encourage them to step outside their comfort zone with trying scents they wouldn’t normally reach for first. Mystery boxes are a great way for our customers to try something new on a bigger scale.

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What advice would you give to anyone also thinking of getting into the household scent’s business?

Be authentic! There is a market out there for people looking for a product that you dream about. Take the risk, even if the market is saturated. You can’t put a price on unique.

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Can you offer any handy tips for using wax melts or candles? 

Absolutely follow candle care. Trim your candle wicks and follow candle care. It makes a huge difference to the longevity of your product. If you are stuck on fragrance my all-time favourite scent is our “manifest” or “dreams”. These scents are our best sellers and are available across our entire range.

Where / how can customers find and order your products? 

We have a website where you can order everyday products for your home and your event candles. For custom or product lines, we recommend emailing us [email protected]  or even DM us on one of our social media pages.