Hygiene, Health and Safety

When it comes to the workplace, cleanliness and personal hygiene are of utmost importance.

Making sure that your workplace adheres to basic standards of hygiene will help minimise the spread of disease carrying bacteria which can be rampant in shared areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Heavy Duty Removable labels are the perfect way to sign the workplace with reminders and instructions regarding the importance of personal hygiene. To help ensure a safe and healthy work environment, we have created a few examples of how you can use labels to educate on the importance of cleanliness and reduce health risks.

We have a number of pre-designed signs to support workplaces and organisations who’d like to put up advice and notices regarding COVID-19. You can either create and WePrint & Deliver them for you or personalise the signs and print them yourself using our Design and Print service. 

Please use hand sanitiser

To recreate these signs simply use our Design and Print software

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Please wash hand
hand sanitising station
Notice wash hands before
Notice please wash hands
please wear face mask
please use hand sanitiser_0
sanitise hands here
hygiene safety

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