How to use custom stickers to promote your small business

Custom stickers are a woefully underutilised strategy for promoting your business and brand. But the truth is, custom stickers can be an extremely versatile marketing tool to have in your toolkit.

It’s likely that you already showcase your business in other types of marketing materials such as business cards, brochures or on your website. But why not take things up a notch and promote your brand with custom stickers?

In this article we’ll share some creative ways to use custom stickers in your business marketing. And if you’re ready to design and print your very own custom stickers, we can help you with that too.

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How to use custom stickers_Tip 1

Add branded custom stickers to your products and product packaging

An easy way to add a touch of flair to your product packaging is to add a custom sticker to it!

Whether you sell fresh produce, homemade crafts or handmade soap and bath products, a custom sticker on your packaging goes a long way to showing your customers you’re professional and a business to be taken seriously. 

Custom stickers also make great product labels too, so if your product labels are in need of an update, consider designing some fresh labels with our Avery WePrint software.

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Ditch the tape, seal your envelopes with custom stickers

If you send hand wrapped gifts or lots of envelopes in the mail it’s time you swapped out that packing tape for some custom stickers instead! Stickers with your brand’s logo on them or your business slogan add an extra layer of professionalism to your plain and boring envelopes or hand wrapped gifts.

And there’s no need to stick to your logo either, you can add business icons, taglines or even inspirational quotes to your custom stickers. Think outside the box and start getting creative with your ideas!

How to use custom stickers_Tip 3

Add helpful information to your custom stickers

Let’s say your business sells fresh produce or handmade products like soap or beauty products. Another great way to utilise custom stickers is to include helpful information on your sticker too. That might be the ingredients in your products or the expiry date for fresh produce.

If you sell fresh food in your business it can be useful to display dietary requirements on your custom stickers too. This includes things like ‘Vegan’ or ‘Gluten Free’, ‘Contains Nuts’ is another option too. Your customers with allergies will certainly appreciate the effort!

What about if you sell products that are made by minorities or if you make a donation to a charity with every purchase? Don’t forget to include this information on your custom stickers to communicate to your customers what makes your products extra special.

How to use custom stickers_Tip 4

Include custom stickers with your postcards

Do you give postcards out to customers with every purchase? Why not include some custom stickers too! Most people who receive a sticker in the mail will not simply throw it out. Instead, they’ll find somewhere to stick it! This can be a great way to gain some free advertising for your brand.

Your sticker might end up on the back of someone’s car or on a laptop case. It could even end up on a street pole with a bunch of other stickers. Wherever your custom stickers end up, they’ll be working hard to spread the word about your business.

How to use custom stickers_Tip 5

Create custom stickers that are shareable

It’s no secret that people love posting photos of cool and inspiring messages on their social media accounts. So why not create custom stickers that people want to share? Again, you might want to include an inspiring quote on your sticker, or an image that gets people talking.

Custom stickers that encourage people to take a photo and share it are a great way to boost awareness of your brand and business. And the best part? It costs very little money to do!

How to use custom stickers_Tip 6

Give your custom stickers out as freebies

Who doesn’t love a freebie? Custom stickers are a great, low cost giveaway that almost guarantees your business brand will be seen when your customers are out and about. So don’t be stingy with your custom stickers, give them out to anyone who will take one!

Your custom stickers might end up displayed on water bottles, reusable coffee cups, bike helmets or even notebooks. There really is no limit to how you can use custom stickers to promote your brand.

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How to create your own custom brand stickers with Avery

With Avery WePrint, you can create custom stickers for your business in just minutes, all from the comfort of your own home. With hundreds of templates to choose from, and a huge range of sizes, shapes and materials, it’s easy to design on-brand stickers that stand out.

Here’s how to create your own custom stickers with Avery:

1. Choose the shape, size and material for your custom stickers (circles, squares, scallops, clear, water proof, or kraft brown - we’ve got a sticker template for everyone!)

2. Upload your own design or create one in minutes with our free and easy to use software (there are plenty of design templates to choose from!)

3. Place your order, then sit back and relax as we print and deliver your custom stickers to your door. Our acid free labels won't damage your products and are printed using the latest digital printing technology.

With over 80+ years of label and stickers experience, we practically invented custom labels and stickers!

Some of our most popular custom stickers include; mailing and address labels, waterproof labels, honey stickers, food and beverage stickers, jar labels, candle labels, bath and beauty labels as well as other product labels.

Avery also offers fast shipping across Australia & New Zealand and your satisfaction is guaranteed (or your money back!). To explore our range of custom stickers and start designing, click here.