Small Business Spotlight - Boho Tranquility Creations

This month we are shining the spotlight on some Aussie Small businesses that are making their mark on the world and using Avery Products to do it. This month we chatted with Kay from Boho Tranquility Creations

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Boho Tranquility Creation
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Tell us about Boho Tranquility Creations and what it does?

Boho Tranquility Creations was created with the endeavour to be unlike your average Candle shop. Bringing high-quality products to our customers that come with many benefits to suit all & help others with their emotions & connection to both themselves & the universe.

Boho Tranquility Creation_About

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you started Boho Tranquillity Creations?

My desire to be different came from how I felt growing up, which was disconnected from myself & emotionally unbalanced. This was where I found spirituality & alternative healing remedies. With this I found my passions for crystals, essential oils & powerful aromas. Who knew an aroma could change a person’s self & feelings?!

One day I begun making my own products to help get me through each day, season & emotion. This is how I found myself again. I found my reason. With this new overwhelming feeling, I had the pull to do the same for others.

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What are some challenges you’ve had to overcome so far?

Like any small business, there’s many challenges that happen every day. Being a new business to the online world, there’s the struggle of getting your brand out there.

But my biggest struggle has been due to COVID. During COVID lots of people lost their jobs, which led a lot of people to find income in other ways. Most people opened up their own online shop & lots of them were candle shops. Which has made the demand on supplies much higher than usual, therefore making supplies scarce. Not to mention that COVID also had an impact on supplies themselves.

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What made you choose Avery for your labels/cards?

I spent a lot of time searching for places that print labels & to be honest, I found them quite expensive. Because I’m such a fussy person & change my label/card designs so regularly, I found Avery was my best choice. This is because they have the option to not only print the labels/cards for you, but also supply sheets of blank labels for you to print your own labels on at home. Which is perfect for me as sometimes, 1 sheet is all I need whereas other companies can sometimes have a MOQ. Avery’s website is also super easy to use, especially the ”Design & Print”. It was a no brainer for me!

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Can you share a bit about the thought process behind your label/card designs?

I’m not going to lie, I don’t really have much of a thought process when it comes to designing my labels/cards. I’ve always had a creative imagination, so it kinda just comes to me. I like a simple & easy design that doesn’t have too much going on. Earthy tones & fonts that aren’t dramatic.

Boho Tranquility Creation_diffuser

We noticed you sell Crystal Infused Reed Diffusers! Can you tell us what the inspiration was behind that?

I wanted to bring more life to our Reed Diffusers in a way that will also make them look even more beautiful & have more of an effect on our customers. Infusing our 2 popular products, Crystals & Reed Diffusers, was what spoke to me the most. I already did it with the Candles & the Melts, so why not the Reed Diffusers too?! Crystals have many different properties, each unique to themselves. From healing abilities, protection & emotional stability, to luck, love & self worth. Infusing the unique properties from the Crystals with powerful aromas to diffuse around a room just felt right.

Boho Tranquility Creation_advice

What advice would you give to anyone also thinking of getting into the Crystal, Candles or Homewares business?

Find your own niche. Find your balance & make sure you bring your passions into your little business. Doing what you love makes all the difference. Find your little spot in this industry.

It’s a very saturated market making it a hard business to get off the ground. But once you find your own little niche, your place, the customers will slowly flow in.

Can you offer any handy tips for using cleansing jars?

Our Cleansing Jars are created to protect yourself & the space in which you place them. These jars are made to be placed at the entry & exit of your home. They can also be placed in your office, car or anywhere you feel that needs protection from negative energy. Our Cleansing Jars can be also be used in meditation or in rituals. This form of use has an even more powerful effect on the jars properties. 

Where / how can customers find and order your products?

Boho Tanquility Creations can be found online at as well as on Pinterest, Instagram & Facebook.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Boho Tranquility Creations is a small business that also provides products to Weddings, Baby Showers, Birthdays & other occasions. These products range from specially designed Candles, Melts, a variety of Diffusers & even special gift boxes. Simply reach out to us on any of our socials or by emailing [email protected]