General FAQ's

Software - Avery Wizard Plug-In Software - Design Pro

DesignPro has been retired and replaced by our popular Avery Design & Print. But don't worry! You can still easily open, edit and print your DesignPro projects using your PC or Mac with free Avery Design & Print. And you can still use the same great features you had in DesignPro, including mail merge, QR codes, sequential numbers, curved text and special shapes.

With Avery Design & Print you can:

  • Open existing DesignPro projects from your PC or Mac. (link to how)
  • Create a new project in just a few simple steps—select a blank or pre-designed template, personalise your text, add images and adjust colours.
  • Use images from your computer or choose from the Avery gallery.
  • Save to your computer or to an Avery Online Account, which can be accessed via any computer connected to the internet.

We retired Avery DesignPro Software a few years ago.  Since then we have be developing and improving our free software Avery Design & Print.

If you are a previous DesignPro user, you can still open your .zdl projects within Avery Design and Print. Here’s how:

Choose the Open a Saved Project tab and click at the bottom of the screen to Load Project. Browse for your DesignPro PC .zdl file or your DesignPro Mac .avery file on your computer and click Open. Once your project opens, you can then customise your design.

Save or Print your project using Avery Design & Print. If you save your project to a free MyAvery account, you can access your projects from any computer or tablet while online.

Please note:
- only use our previous version of Design & Print
- Some projects will not transfer completely. Data that was imported into a DesignPro project (such as a mail merge) will not carry over to Avery Design & Print. The layout for your project should transfer and then you can use the easy drag-and-drop mail merge in Avery Design & Print Online to import your data.

- Images from the DesignPro clip art gallery may not import, but you can choose a new image from the extensive gallery in Avery Design & Print.

- Serial barcodes and Date/Time stamps will not import, and will need to be re-created. Barcodes that are not supported by Avery Design & Print will not import, but you will be able to generate QR Codes with Avery Design & Print.

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