Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Google Docs to print labels?

The Avery Label Merge Add-on for Google docs makes it easy to merge Google Spreadsheet data onto popular Avery Labels and Name Badges Mail-Merge right in Google Drive.

The Add-on is for simple documents that will only contain text - for more creative projects, use Avery Design and Print Online It's quick, easy-to-use, and it's free.

Avery Label Merge System Requirements

Requires Google Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer 11 Requires a valid Google drive account If your don't have a Google drive account, use Avery Design & Print

How do you use Avery Label Merge for Google Docs?

Install the Avery Label Merge Add-On by clicking here.

Here's how it works:

1. Spreadsheet: You should have the information you want to merge in a Google Spreadsheet, with your data arranged in columns with a header row describing what's in each column, such as name, address, etc.

2. Add-on: Using Google Drive in Chrome, create a Document in Google Drive and click the Add-ons tab at the top. Install the Avery Label Merge Add-on.

3. Start: Now you will see Avery Label Merge in your Add-ons menu. Click Start new merge and choose which Avery Label or Name Badge you want to create. Only our most popular products are included, so if you don't see your product listed, click to use Avery Design & Print Online.

4. Arrange: Click in the sidebar on the column you want to insert. Move the cursor to where you want the other data placed and click the column names until they are all arranged in the box. Don't format the text yet--that comes next.

5. Merge: Click the Merge button on the sidebar and a new Document will appear with your data shown. You can format and edit the text on this page, but be careful to keep all the information within the label edges.

6. Print: Print on a piece of plain paper first to check the layout, then change your printer settings to Label and print on your Avery product.

7. Save: You can save the first Document and it will stay linked to your spreadsheet, so you can choose to load a previous merge to create another merged document at a later time. You can also save the merged file to edit or print later.