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Innovative Networking Event Ideas With Avery Products

Ever felt like you're getting the same business cards and hearing the same elevator pitches at every networking event? Let's shake things up with some fresh and fun networking event ideas! Networking is the best way to boost your business, meet potential collaborators, and find those magic connections, but why not make it fun and memorable?

Networking events create a space to build relationships, find job opportunities, and share industry knowledge. It's more than just handing out business cards - it's about connecting with people.

Now, you might be thinking of Avery as only a label supplier. But Avery products can actually help you create unique and effective networking events. Think beyond the office and get ready to see how some clever networking event ideas can impress your guests!

Collection of different round, square and oval labels with corporate branding

Boost Your Event’s Branding

Strong branding isn't just for big businesses - it's just as important for your networking events. Think of it as your event's personality! A consistent look and feel will create a professional impression and help people remember you long after the event ends. 

Here's where Avery gets creative:

  • Themed labels: Design and print labels for anything! Brand water bottles, stick labels on goodie bags, or add themed name tags to personalise the experience.
  • Standout signage: Table numbers, event schedules, and even fun directionals - use Avery printable cards and signs to set your event apart with consistent branding.
  • Little touches: Don't forget the details! Use Avery tags to elevate gift bags or printed stationery to personalise thank-you notes sent afterwards.

Remember, your branding creates your identity. Let Avery help you tie all your networking event ideas together! With our customisable products on every single piece of your event materials - that's what makes it stick in people's minds.

Plastic water bottles with corporate branded labels on them

Eco-Friendly Networking Events

Show you take sustainability seriously! With a little planning, networking events can be both a great way to connect and kinder to the planet. That's a win for everyone. 

Avery's eco-conscious options make it easy:

  • Recycled and sustainable materials: Choose Avery labels made from recycled materials or paper sourced from responsibly managed forests. Their Kraft Brown labels add a rustic and eco-friendly touch, while recycled laser & inkjet labels are great for larger print jobs.
  • Minimise waste: Swap single-use plastic for reusable branded water bottles with unique Avery labels designed for water resistance. Offer digital event programs via QR codes displayed on signs made with Avery's eco-friendly materials.

The eco-friendly advantage: Show your commitment to sustainability and attract like-minded individuals and businesses. It's good PR and good for the planet!

Brown gift bag with a square label on it

Personalising Your Event To Stand Out

Generic networking event ideas? Snoozefest! The extra personal details help people connect and make your event memorable. Avery makes adding these special touches simple:

  • Name badges that matter: Forget basic stickers! Use Avery's customisable name badges to include company logos, titles, or even conversation starter prompts like "Ask me about...".
  • Thoughtful details: Custom-printed stickers on small gift bags, personalised notes accompanying a branded item - go the extra mile to give that "wow" factor.
  • The digital touch:  Include QR codes (easily created with Avery templates) linking to attendees' LinkedIn profiles or contact pages, making it easy to stay connected after the event.

Networking events shouldn't feel transactional. Personalised touches make attendees feel valued, not just like another business card in a stack. This builds trust and encourages the kind of deep conversations that lead to real opportunities.

Collection of corporate gifts with assorted Avery labels on them

Elevate Your Networking Events With Avery

Ready to ditch those uninspired networking gatherings and leave a lasting impression? Avery's got your back! Our wide range of customisable labels, cards, tags, and more turn simple necessities into opportunities to showcase your brand, make events eco-conscious, and add those personal touches that leave a big impact.

With Avery, you're not just planning an event - you're creating an experience guests will rave about. From memorable name badges to thoughtful branding across every detail, we'll help you step up your networking event ideas. Don't settle for just another meet-and-greet!

Ready to explore all the possibilities? Browse Avery's product range to find the perfect tools for your next networking event. 

If you have any other questions about how our products can help your next networking event, feel free to reach out to our dedicated customer service team.

If you're in Australia, call 1800 644 353 or contact us at 0800 228 379 if you live in New Zealand.

You can also browse our FAQ page for quick answers to common labelling questions.

FAQs About Networking Event Ideas

Ditch the normal format! Think icebreaker activities, engaging speakers, interactive elements (think photo booths or a collaborative art project), and unique themes that connect with your audience. 

A great theme makes introductions easy - "What do you think of this [theme-related] cocktail?" is way better than "So, what do you do?". The main takeaway is to think outside the box and create a fun and memorable experience for your guests.

The essentials:

  • A clear purpose and target audience.
  • Easy registration.
  • Comfortable space (good lighting, seating options).
  • Food and drinks!
  • Plenty of time for unstructured mingling.

Don't forget:

  • Nametags (Avery makes this easy and stylish).
  • A way to collect contact info (digital options are smoother).
  • Event signage (branding opportunity).

  • Compelling promotion: Highlight unique aspects on social media and partner with relevant groups.
  • Offer value:Will they meet potential clients, hear an industry expert, or snag a great prize? Let them know!
  • Strong word-of-mouth:Tell everyone you know and incentivise attendees to invite their networks.