Spring Cleaning Solutions For a Clutter Free Home

Amongst the piles of clutter, winter clothes, forgotten bills, and overdue library books, you have a house. A house you would desperately love to show off with pride. You often wish you had a clean and clutter-free home and if you weren’t such a hoarder you would be able to organise your household like the organised person you are. So, while you’re waiting for the inspiration to get started on this year’s spring cleaning, let Avery make a few suggestions which might save you some time! Who knows, you might even enjoy it!

Avery Home Organisation
Avery Labels for Trash, Keep, Donate

Start off with three containers and label them “Trash,” “Recycle” or “Donate” and because you’re already organising your unused items into three categories, you’ll save yourself time re-sorting the items later. Label the containers using Avery Durable Home Organisation Labels. Not only are these labels durable, they’re designed to stick and stay on almost any surface and remove without leaving residue.

Separate your unwanted items into the three containers: Trash (this includes expired, stale or crushed and dented items) Recycle or Donate items that that haven’t been used in the last nine months. For often-used items, get some pretty jars and canisters you can keep on display. Create your own labels to add a unique touch to your countertops or cupboards. Kraft Brown Scallop labels add a striking look to canisters. Once you start returning things to the shelves, remember visibility is key. You need to be able to see everything. Products like spices and small cans can be put in baskets or door racks. Just like the supermarket, place newer items in the back, so older items get used first.

Avery Storage Labels

Not enough space in your wardrobe?

Let your summer clothes breathe by washing and packing away all your winter clothes. This will allow you more space in your wardrobe for your Spring and Summer outfits! The best place to store winter clothes is in plastic boxes in the garage or storage area. By using Durable Removable Labels from Avery you can easily mark contents of each box in case you need to find something. The advantage of using removable labels is that you’ll easily be able to remove the labels without leaving residue on the plastic boxes. You can then continue the rotating system by relabelling and packing your summer clothes away when winter returns.

Give your bathroom a break from clutter

There’s already enough cleaning to do in the bathroom, so to make life easier, de-clutter your cabinets and shelves and give everything a place. First clean out your cupboards, drawers and medicine cabinet. Throw out any old, expired or empty items. Look at the remaining items and assess if you actually need them. If you rarely or never use them, then place them in the donation box and give them to charity. Segregate the remaining items into categories, such as skin care products, bath products, hair care, makeup and medicine. Get storage containers that will fit in your cabinet or decorative jars for your countertop, for daily-use items. Identify items in your containers using your choice of Avery Durable Removable Labels. Once done, return everything to the cabinet, with your most-used products in the front.

Stapler labelled with Avery label

Give everything a home

Do you spend a lot of time hunting down missing items because they’ve been misplaced, or borrowed and not returned? Next time, assign a designated home for each of your items, and label them with the location where it should be returned.Avery Home Organisation Labels are perfect for the job because they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. A pair of scissors that often go wayward can be labelled “desk drawer” or “supply cabinet.” When everything has its place, everyone will know where each item belongs, where to find it and where to return it when they’re done.

So what are you waiting for? With these few simple tips, you can have the clean, organised house you've always dreamed of having.

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