Give playtime a spot of colour and make learning fun!

Are you looking for ways to make learning fun for your kids? Give their playtime a spot of colour with Avery Dispenser stickers. There are so many different ways to use dot stickers in projects that can help teach your kids how to sort, identify shapes and process numbers. It might seem simple, but the primary action of using labels improves fine motor skills like peeling, pinching and accurate eye-hand coordination.


To get started, we've created a few simple project ideas that will improve colour recognition, fine motor skills and shape identification.  All of these fun activities for kids can be set up quickly with dot stickers, paper, cardboard and painter's masking tape, feel free to use these ideas as a starting block to create your own fun activities.

Fine motor skill activities

Help your kids practice their number identification skills by having them trace the outline of each digit.  If they're ready for a more significant challenge, mark random stickers on the sheet with various numbers and have your kids apply each sticker to the correct number.

You can also help practice their fine motor skills by having them connect dots together. Draw lines on a sheet of cardboard with permanent markers and have them place stickers along the line with the same colour. A simple way to practice colour coordination and also improves their patience and concentration as they line up each sticker.

Relaxation and creative time

Don't forget that kids should have fun as well!  Try giving your kids a piece of blank paper as a canvas and give them time to play.  Your kids may unknowingly continue to practising their shapes, numbers and colour coordination on their own giving them time to unwind and relax. What's even more crucial is that they discover their own ways to use these concepts every day.

Fun activities for shape recognition

Shapes are an essential concept for kids to learn since it helps identify and organise the world around them.  However, this also means that shapes can be one of the more difficult concepts for younger kids to comprehend.  Draw the outline of a shape on butcher's paper and having your kids place stickers around the edge or fill in the shape.

Once they have enough practice, your kids can also start creating patterns themselves?  Dot stickers and other art supplies are an excellent way for kids to explore these ideas.

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