Should You Use Heavy Duty or Paper Labels?


Heavy Duty Labels

When you need a more durable label, heavy duty labels are the way to go. They are waterproof, tearproof and resistant to oils, UV, sun and fading. Heavy duty labels can stand up to water and moisture without ruining printed inks. They also last much longer than paper labels when exposed to harsher elements. Clear label are also heavy duty and are a great choice when you want to add a no-label look to clear containers.

Food & Beverage Labels

Whether your product will be stored in the refrigerator, freezer or cupboard, heavy duty labels will hold up. Condensation, sweating and spilled contents won’t affect the label, so you’ll have a professional-looking label throughout the life of the product. They work great with jams, jellies, honey, sauces and other food items. And they’re ideal to use for beer, wine and water bottle labels that might be iced down.

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    Health and Beauty Labels

    From the shower to the sink, heavy duty labels can stand up to the constant exposure to water and moisture with no running ink or unreadable labels. They’re perfect for shampoos, soaps, body washes and bath bombs. Heavy Duty labels are also oil and chemical resistant making them ideal for lotions, moisturizers, essential oils, cannabis and CBD concentrates and other oil-based products.

    Heavy Duty labels offer:

    • Durability
    • Tear resistance
    • Water resistance
    • Oil resistance
    • Scuff resistance
    • Fade resistance
    • Longer shelf life
    • Better foundation for laminates
    • Smooth application on curved containers

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    Paper Labels

    Paper substrates are generally used for indoor applications. They offer a relatively short lifespan and can only handle limited exposure to moisture, chemicals, abrasion and extreme temperatures. However, paper labels are available in a wider range of colors than film labels and they usually cost less. Also, you can add laminates and varnishes as topcoats to make the paper labels more durable.

    Paper labels offer:

    • Cost-effective solution
    • Lower heat sensitivity
    • Wider range of colors
    • More textures
    • Handcrafted look

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