How to Put Together an Efficient Recordkeeping System

Oh, the frustration of hunting for lost paperwork. You know, that piece of paper that was JUST THERE a little while ago, but now is nowhere to be found?

There are plenty of things you'd rather be doing than searching for paper that's been misplaced—like cleaning grout, going to the dentist or even reading an article about recordkeeping.

Although you can't recover the time spent searching for missing documents, there's a simple way you can make them easier to find next time. We'll show you how to use a Index Maker™ Dividers to create the most efficient recordkeeping system you'll ever need.

Avery Indexmaker
Avery Indexmaker tabs

Easy to put together

Keeping records sounds simple enough—you collect them and save them for later, right? But as you gather more and more information, having an organised system can make your records easier to store, find and use.

With Avery Index Maker Dividers, you can customise the divider tabs with section titles to construct a system that works for you. Here are some examples of how you might organise your records:

• For medical: by patient name, record number or insurance provider
• For legal: by case number, client name or type of case
• For sales: by part number, manufacturer or order date
• For construction: by project number or client
• For event planning: by client name, type of event or vendor service

Just go to Avery Design & Print Online to find free templates to format and customise the labels for your tabs. Then print the labels out, peel from the label sheet and stick onto your dividers. And whether you're making one set or many, the Easy Apply™ strip helps you align and apply the clear labels onto an entire set of tabs at once.

Easy to use

Your organised paperwork is much easier to handle when stored inside a folder. (Tip: Paperwork is also easier to handle when you're not sitting in front of an open window, eating a sticky caramel apple.) Identify folders with clearly marked spines and title pages so you'll be able to find the binder of records you need at a glance.

Folders such as Avery Flexi-View Presentation Books feature clear covers so you can slip in customized spines and title pages. To create spines and title pages, you'll find free templates to customise and print at Avery Design & Print Online.

With paperwork organised and stored neatly in folders, you've just created a useful system that can guide you, or anyone else, to the right documents—saving everyone their time (and sanity).

Easy to look professional

When it comes to your personal organisation style, we won't judge. But keeping neat and organised records can reflect the quality of your work and work ethic to others (hint: the head honcho of your company).  

From dividers that are easy to read and look professionally printed, to the structured folders that are clearly marked for easy identification, your custom recordkeeping system can help you stay on top of all your paper and give your work a buttoned-up appearance. Who wants to waste valuable time tracking down wayward documents and papers? Make efficiency work for you with Avery Printable Dividers and Avery Filing Labels.

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