White Rectangle Stickers 14 x 38 mm, Rectangle, Permanent

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Content105 Labels / Sheets
  • White multi-purpose stickers for everyday use
  • Suitable for a range of identification projects in the home, school or office
  • Permanent adhesive
  • Available in resealable handipacks
  • Available in a wide range of shapes and colours


Avery Stickers in handy packs are a convenient way to label all sorts of different items in the home or in the office, quickly and easily. They are especially suitable for organising your files, labelling products, marking small household items and even decorating gifts and envelopes.

These small stickers in a rectangular shape are highly versatile for use in any number of situations. Available in 14 x 38mm size in a resealable pack of 105 labels. Perfect for keeping neatly in a drawer ready for instant use.


Dimensions14 x 38 mm
Content105 Labels / Sheets
Printer TypeHandwrite
Adhesive TypePermanent
Made FromPaper

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