White Merchandise Tags, Size 26H 47 x 30 mm

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Content1000 Tags
  • Ideal for retail point-of-sale, markets and garage sales
  • Perfect alternative to adhesive labels that may not be suitable for some merchandise items
  • Made from high quality, heavy gauge white board and strung with twine, knotted at one end for easy attachment
  • Use for small and fiddly items that require a smaller tag


Avery white Merchandise Tags are the perfect solution for identification or for communicating information on delicate materials and surfaces such as clothing, jewellery and homewares, where the use of an adhesive sticker just won’t do.

The high-quality heavy gauge white board is smooth for easy writing and strung with twine, knotted at one end for easy attachment and come in a range of sizes.

There are 1000 string tags in a box in a size of 47 x 30mm, making them perfect for labelling larger sized items.


Dimensions47 x 30 mm
Content1000 Tags
Made FromCard

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