Sep Side Tab Coding Labels 23 x 38 mm, Dark Blue

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Content180 Labels
  • Identify the right record with month coding labels
  • Apply on the side of your files
  • Each month from 'Jan' to 'Dec' is given different colour for easy identification
  • Works best together with year code for financial and accounting records
  • Sep Side Tab Coding Labels 43409
  • Sep Side Tab Coding Labels 43409


Imagine all your files are numbered or letter coded with Avery Colour Coding Labels. You will always easily locate your files as they are quick to identify due to the colour coding labels. These are available in alphabetical letters, numbers, year code, months and forward slash. Simply apply selected labels on the side of the file for instant identification.

There are 180 dark blue ‘SEP’ month code Side Tab Colour Coding Labels in a pack with a size of 25 x 38mm ready to stick straight onto the side tab of your Avery Lateral Files. These work best with year code labels for financial and accounting records.


Dimensions23 x 38 mm
Content180 Labels
Adhesive TypePermanent
ColourDark Blue
Made fromPolyester

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