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Avery Premium Matt White Labels

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Premium Matt Labels

The Premium Matt White Difference

What makes Avery Premium Matt White Labels so special?

  • Higher quality prints. The brighter whites of our premium matt labels allow you to experience more beautiful, vibrant colours. Showcase your brand and product like never before.
  • Superior adhesion. With a stronger adhesive than standard matt labels, premium matt labels are less likely to peel away.
  • Increased durability. The 159gsm thickness of these labels ensures greater durability on a wider variety of surfaces including glass, wood, plastic, and more. This feature also ensures better compatibility with your printer, by minimising paper feed and slipping issues.
  • Increased temperature resistance. Premium matt labels can withstand temperatures of up to 100°. This is in contrast to standard matt labels which only offer a maximum temperature tolerance of 70°. The increased tolerance makes the premium option a perfect choice for use on products or branding elements that may be exposed to extreme heat.
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