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Avery Wizard for Microsoft Office

Design and print Avery® labels and dividers with the Avery Wizard. It works within Microsoft® Word, making labelling and mail merge even easier. You can easily import lists from Microsoft Excel® and Microsoft Access® for simple mail merge.

Avery® Wizard System Requirements
  1. Microsoft® Windows® 8, 7, Vista®, XP
  2. Microsoft® Office 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, XP
  3. 40 MB available disk space
  4. If your system doesn't meet the requirements, use Avery Design & Print

If you do not have the option to run the installer, please follow the instructions below.
  1. To proceed, open your browser download folder and locate the Avery Wizard Installer file called "Avery Wizard - en-AU.exe”.
  2. Double-click on that file to complete the installation.
Avery® Wizard Software Features
  1. Easy Mail-Merge within Microsoft® Word
  2. Import lists from Microsoft® Excel and other databases
  3. Works with Microsoft Excel, Access and Outlook
  4. Customise and print your Avery products within Microsoft® Office
Download & Installation Requirements
  1. Close all applications except your browser
  2. Click on the Free Download button above
  3. Choose to Run the download. The Wizard will commence downloading
  4. Choose to Run the installation, and follow the instructions during the installation process
  5. If you have difficulties downloading, restart your computer, and follow this process again

Avery® Wizard Software Demo
Save time! View our Demo on how to format and print your Avery products within Microsoft® Word. The software makes it easy to print our labels, business cards, dividers and more.

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