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Title pages for presentations

Use Avery® Templates to Create Title Pages for Presentations

At your next event, get your presentation materials noticed! Start with a professional and inviting title page. Learn how Avery® templates make it easy!

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Step 1: Start with a Free Template

Instructions: Get started with a free pre-designed Avery template for title pages. They are easy to use Microsoft® Word templates, where we've inserted text, images, colours and fonts. You can use what we've designed, or customise as you need!

Step 2: Choose Your Template

Instructions: You'll find a variety of pre-designed templates to choose from. Click on the image of your selected template.
Choose a template

Step 3: Download Template

Instructions: Once you've selected your template, click the Download Template button. Open or save the template on your computer.
Open the template

Step 4: Customise, Preview and Print

Instructions: Customise your template. Perhaps include your company name, the name of the event you're holding, and/or title of the presentation. You can change the font style, color, and size using the formatting options in Microsoft Word. Preview your template, and proofread for errors or any missing information. Once you've finished editing, you're ready to print!
Customise, preview and print

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