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Organise your family’s digital media
Make Organising Your Digital Media Easy and Fun With Avery®!
Think of all those photos you've taken over the last ten, twenty or thirty years! Where are they all now? Hidden in boxes and albums, or at the bottom of a drawer somewhere – rarely looked at? In today’s world we are lucky that most of our photos are stored digitally, on your computer somewhere. But are they are still rarely viewed by others, or even by you?

A great way to share your favourite or most prized photographs are to give them to your family and friends on a CD or DVD. In fact, this can be a great way to store a back up of your entire photo library. You can do the same with your music playlists too – making it easy to select a range of your favourite music to play on different occasions. You could have your dinner party mix or lazy Sunday afternoon mix.

Avery CD Labels or Avery DVD Labels are perfect for helping you create your media storage libraries. Once you have worked out what to file and how you want to file your media, you can easily create labels with titles and graphics included. Try these ideas to brighten up your labels. There’s no need to scrawl the contents on the CD in a thick black texta!
  • Use one of our many free Microsoft® Word templates for CD and DVD labels or our fantastic Design & Print Online tool

  • Import your own photos to create personalised labels. You could create a CD of photographs for the grandparents’ that feature a large image of Nan and Pop with the grandkids!

  • Edit and manipulate your text – take the chance to use all the weird and wonderful fonts available!

  • Perhaps include additional information in smaller type beneath the main title, to make it easier when you come to search through your library
Avery CD Labels are made using paper based materials and are perfect for use with CDs. They come in a range of matt or gloss finishes – choose the look you prefer.

Avery DVD Labels are made using film based materials which have been specifically designed to work with more sensitive and technically demanding DVDs. As DVDs are far more prone to suffering from warping when in high temperature and/or high moisture environments, film based materials avoid problems often associated with paper materials.

Get your media organised with Avery CD and DVD Labels and ensure your prized photos get seen!

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