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Help with kids’ projects
Get Top Marks for Your Kids’ Projects!
These days, projects and assignments just never stop for school kids! While we can't really help with the actual assignment, or reduce the stress at home, we can help with making sure your children’s work looks top notch! The finished product should look good, and be easy to prepare – something that doesn't add another late night and even more stress!

The Right Presentation Folder

Avery® Flexi-View presentation folders feature a clear front, ready for your children to insert their own title page. They will take your children’s assignment to the next level – with hard-wearing, high quality material, and a printed frame that makes their project stand out from the rest of the class!

For the small project: try a Flexi-View Presentation Book, with plastic pockets inside. Depending on the size of your child’s project, you can select a 6 pocket, 12 pocket or 24 pocket book. You can insert the pages of the project into the individual sheets in the book.

Great for: projects where there is glitter, or glue, or where important documents need the protection of a plastic sleeve!

For the bigger project: for larger projects, a Flexi-View Presentation Binder offers an efficient way to bring all the project pages together, in a terrific-looking folder. As the name suggests, the folder has a 2-ring binder, holding up to 100 pages.

Great for: projects that involve more pages and need a really impressive finish.

Bonus use: the title page and contents of the Flexi-View presentation folders can be changed whenever you need them to. It means your children can re-use the folder for their future projects!

The Template That Tops it Off

The assignment should make the right first impression on the teacher, and the best way to do so is with a great title page…but it shouldn't be too difficult! The perfect way is to use an Avery pre-designed template for the Flexi-View folders. These templates come complete with colours, images and fonts, and can quickly be used to finish off the assignment. Just download the right template and edit it in Microsoft® Word. These templates make it simple to add that final touch to the project, without adding to the workload!

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