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Choose chores appropriate for your child's age
Choose the Right Chore for Your Child's Age
As children grow, they can be given more and more challenging chores. Here's our list for age-appropriate chores. Use these as a starting point and then figure out others that are relevant to your family.

Ages 2 and 3

Many toddlers are eager to help with chores, and while their 'helping' may not always be appreciated (like making you breakfast in bed while unsupervised in the kitchen!), keeping their excitement and the habit of helping out alive, should be. Sticker charts are a great way to keep toddlers excited about helping, and Avery® has a great range of merit stickers perfect for this. Their chores may have to be completed with you helping every step of the way, but you are laying the groundwork for children that find chores and helping a way of life.

Some chores 2-3 year olds can do:
  • Help make the bed
  • Pick up toys and books
  • Take washing to the laundry
  • Help feed pets
  • Help wipe up mess
  • Dust with socks on their hands
  • Mop in areas (with help)
Ages 4 and 5

Preschoolers still find helping to be an exciting venture and are usually thrilled when time is taken to teach them new chores. They are ready to do some chores without constant supervision. Rewards at this age are very motivating. A sticker chart that allows you to build up to bigger rewards can be appropriate. Avery stickers are perfect for use with a sticker chart.

Some chores preschoolers can do:
  • Clearing and setting the table
  • Helping to hang washing
  • Dusting
  • Helping cooking and preparing food
  • Carrying and putting away groceries
Ages 6-8

These school age kids may or may not still have their childlike enthusiasm for completing chores - it will depend on your child! What they do have, however, is an overwhelming desire to be independent. You can guide your children to become independent in their chores, using chore charts to keep track of their responsibilities both completed and pending. Avery Merit Stickers make chore charts bright and fun.

Ideas for their chores:
  • Taking care of pets - walking, feeding, cleaning litter trays or cages
  • Taking out the rubbish
  • Folding and putting away washing
  • Helping to plan, prepare, and clean up after meals
  • Weeding, planting, and watering the garden
  • Hanging washing
  • Dusting and vacuuming
  • Making their bed
Ages 9-12

Children in this pre-teen age are capable of increased responsibility where chores are concerned. Keep in mind that many children this age rely on continuity. Find a system that works for your family and do not change it without the input and support of the people it directly affects. Chore charts can be used to track chores completed or pending. Linking chore completion to weekly pocket money 'earnings' is a great motivator - award stickers for each chore, with each sticker being given a certain monetary value. At the end of each week your pre-teen will receive their 'wages' based on what they have earned.

Pre-teen chore ideas:
  • Preparing simple meals
  • Cleaning the bathroom
  • Washing the car
  • Mowing the lawn
  • Reading to younger siblings
For most of us, contributing to household chores will be part of life. You've got a great chance to try and influence your kids to help you. It will relieve you of some of the burden of caring for your house, and give the kids lots of benefits too. From the toddler eager to join in the fun of feeding your cat, to the pre-teen keen for extra pocket money, it's an opportunity for you all to win! Good luck!

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