Durable Labels 89 x 16 mm, Rectangle, Permanent

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Content35 Labels / 5 Sheets
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Labels stick to plastic, wood, metal, rubber, paper, ceramic and glass
  • Labels are guaranteed to cover over anything underneath
  • Work best with permanent markers


Help kids keep track of their belongings with these bright Durable Labels. They're perfect for labelling daycare, school and camping gear, lunchbox items, bottles, sporting goods and electronic devices. Lost and found will become a thing of the past with these kid-friendly labels.

These rectangular shaped kids’ labels in an 89 x 16mm format come pre-printed with assorted coloured borders with 35 labels per pack. Simply write on with a permanent marker for quick and easy identification of all your kids’ items.


Dimensions89 x 16 mm
Content35 Labels / 5 Sheets
Printer TypeHandwrite
Adhesive TypePermanent
ColourAssorted Blue, Orange, Yellow & Green
Made FromPolyester

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