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Technical Support for Adobe Flash
Flash Plugin news for Avery Design and Print
Here at Avery we’re keen to ensure you have the best possible experience whilst using our Design & Print Online software, and as such we thought we’d update you on a recent development from certain web browsers which may impact your experience.
Currently, Avery Design & Print needs to use Flash Player, which for a long time has been a default plugin on the majority of web browsers. Recently some web browsers have made the decision to turn off the Flash Plugin as a default setting on their latest versions. This means that if you’ve updated your web browser recently, you may need to turn Flash back on in order to use Avery Design & Print. If this applies to you, you’ll see a message like this one:

How to enable Flash:

-  Turning Flash back on is easy to do, but it is a different process for each browser type. There are instructions on how to enable Flash for your browser here.

Avery’s dedicated customer care teams are also on hand to help with this issue. If you’re unsure of how to turn Flash back on, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team on

Australia: 1800 644 353
New Zealand: 0800 228 379

- Rest assured Design & Print Online has not changed and is still offering you the same great, easy-to-use service. This is a recent development from certain web browsers, which will affect other Flash-based software as well as Avery Design & Print Online. Once Flash is re-enabled, you’ll be able to continue using Design & Print Online as before without any issues.

- We would like to stress that this issue will not affect everybody, it only applies to certain browsers and their most recent versions. We are publishing this article merely as a precaution to help advise anyone who is affected. Behind the scenes, we’re also busy working on an updated version of our software, moving from Flash to HTML. This is due for release in the new year and we will bring you more news on this shortly!

As always, Avery is committed to providing friendly and helpful customer service, so please do get in touch should you have any questions on this matter.

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