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Plan an effective meeting

Plan an Effective Meeting With Delegate Cards

Get the most out of your conference with planned, effective seating. Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating impressive, professional delegate cards with our web-based solution, Design & Print Online.

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Step 1: Start New Project

Instructions: Go to Avery Design & Print Online. Click on Start Now.

Step 2: Select the Delegate Card Template

Instructions: Find your product by entering the software code L7423 in the Enter your product number here field. Click on Go.

Step 3: Select the Delegate Card Design

Instructions: On the Select Your Design screen, click on a template you like and click Select & Customise.

Step 4: Customise Your Delegate Card

Instructions: You’ll see 4 panels, which represent 2 delegate cards. Remember that each delegate card has a front and a back. To replace the placeholder text with your information, click the text boxes inside the template. You probably want to include the delegate’s name and company, and maybe a logo representing your company or the conference.

Step 5: Format

Instructions: You can change the font style, size, and colour of your text using the left hand menu. To add an image, click on Images and then either From Avery Gallery (to choose one of the pieces of free clip art) or From My Computer (to use an image from your own files). To add text, click on Text and then New Text.

Step 6: Print or Preview

Instructions: When you have finished designing your delegate cards click on Print or Preview at the top of the screen. A preview of your design will open. If you are happy with your project click on Print. Design & Print Online will create an Adobe Reader PDF version of your project. Print from Adobe Reader as normal, ensuring that your page size is set to A4 and page scaling is set to none.

Step 7: Save

Instructions: After you print, click Save in Adobe Reader to save as a PDF version to print from again offline. To save the file to amend in the future you can also choose to save your delegate cards to an online account or to your computer. In the Design & Print Online software click Save at the top of the screen on either the Customise screen or Print screen.

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