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Get ready for your job search
Three Ways to Button Up Your Job Search
Get ahead of the job-hunting pack with an organised job search plan. These three job seeking tools can help you get ready to meet with potential employers, manage your job search (it can be a full-time job!) and give you a place to keep invaluable tips and tools you collect along the way. Try one, two or all three of these ideas and put your best foot forward.

1. Create a powerful portfolio
Make a great impression at your next interview with a portfolio that showcases all your best work.

- Impress from the start with a professional-looking display book. You can display awards and training documentation in the pockets of one of our Quick Transfer Display Books. You can easily add and remove pockets, allowing you to customise the portfolio for each interview, highlighting accomplishments that are relevant for that job.
- Business cards aren't just for advertising the company you work for. Create your own business cards with Avery® Quick & Clean™ Business Cards and give them out at networking events and at interviews.
- Keep clean copies of your resumé in Avery Submission Files, and be prepared to hand over a copy in a file at each interview. Put the business card pocket to good use, holding your personal business card.

2. Create a job search planner
Whether you’re scanning the internet, going to job fairs or attending university recruiting events, a job search planner can help you keep track of your progress every step of the way. Keep aware of upcoming events and use it to refer to notes about previous interviews. It's pretty embarassing if you receive a call from a prospective employer and refer to something that happened in another interview or don't recall the name of the interviewer!

- Keep track of your job search progress for each position you apply for or company you contact. Create customised sections with Avery IndexMaker™ Dividers and store your applications, company literature, notes, business cards, contacts and follow-up information.
- Make notes about each interview as soon as possible afterwards. Keep note of the interviewers' names, key questions they asked, and any questions where you believe you either struggled to answer or excelled in your answer. Write down anything you needed to follow up on and any questions you wish you had asked.
- Make sure you never forget an important phone call you have to make, or a date for a workshop you want to attend. Remind yourself with Avery Label Pads in bright, vibrant colors.

3. Build your personal reference book filled with job-hunting insight and advice
As you come across helpful articles and tips, add them to your reference book you can refer to as a handy resource or inspirational guide.

- Sort your reference material by subject, such as "networking", "interviewing" and "negotiating", or by type of information, such as "classes/training", "articles" and "guidebooks".
- Want to call attention to key tips before your next interview? Flag articles with Avery NoteTabs™ and highlight sections or add notes without marking the page!

As a job seeker, it’s important to keep your skills up – and your chin up – so you’ll be ready when the right opportunity arrives. Be prepared, proactive and professional with these handy organisation tools.

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