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How to Create a Game-Changing Presentation

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Ideas require change. And change doesn’t come easy. So when you’re faced with making a presentation to convince others why change is good, it can seem particularly challenging.

Well, welcome to the big leagues. Because when you’re putting together a formal presentation, passing out pages of stapled paper isn’t going to cut it. We’re talking about making an impression that’ll bring your audience to their knees (results may vary if they’re already sitting down). It’s about creating a polished, professional look that reflects you and your organisation. And you’re about to find out how to turn your presentation portfolio into a complete game changer.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

With Avery Index Maker™ Dividers, your portfolio makes an impact on your audience from the first page. Inside their presentation folders, they’ll find clean, white divider pages organizing the contents inside. The paperwork looks neat and buttoned-up—an image that’ll represent you well. They’ll notice the professionally printed divider tabs. But only you’ll know you made these custom tabs yourself using free templates on Avery Design & Print Online. And as they turn the divider page, they’ll be impressed with how durable and sturdy it is. With reinforced tabs and holes, your dividers will resist tearing and stand up to frequent use, because your idea is going to go far.

Organise for Efficiency

When time is short and attention spans are shorter, put your most powerful, thought-provoking information up front. There’s no time to snooze, so follow up your big idea with supporting facts and details. Identify these sections using Index Maker Dividers with legibly printed tabs so the information is easy to reference.

Whether you’re making one set of dividers or many, IndexMaker Dividers come with Easy Apply™ label strips—a real timesaver. Simply print your labels, peel off the row from the sheet and press onto your tabs. All your tabs are labeled at once! Got a last-minute change? Index Maker easily accommodates. Create replacement dividers in a jiffy, and insert into your presentation as needed.

See how easy it is to create your custom Index Maker Dividers

Make Every Detail Count

What does a polished, meticulous presentation say about you? It shows the care and thought you put into your work. IndexMaker Dividers help you build those details into your presentation. Things like labeling both the front and back of tabs so it’s easy to look up and flip to pages in the binder—it’s simple to create using templates on Avery Design & Print Online. Or having clean and legible labels on your tabs—with IndexMaker Dividers, your tabs are smudge-free and fingerprint-free. And even perfectly aligning the labels on your divider tabs—using the Easy Apply™ strip, all you do is print, peel and press.

Captivate your audience with a professional presentation that’s packaged to perfection. With IndexMaker Dividers, you can make a great impression your big idea deserves.

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