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DIY templates are old news
DIY Templates...So 2011. Try Something New!
So, have you ever pulled out your trusty ruler, and your sheet of Avery® labels or business cards, and sat at your desk and physically measured the margins, and the labels, and the spaces in between? And did you then use the customising area of Microsoft® Word labelling to set up a custom template? The bad news is that it was probably unnecessary! The good news is that you can start this decade by understanding where to find Avery templates and software. Learn something new for 2012 because creating your own templates is so 2011!

Microsoft Word

Most Australian and New Zealand Avery templates are present in Microsoft Word. Each printable Avery product has a software code and you need to select the right software code for your product in Microsoft Word. If you're thinking that you have been unable to find your software code in Microsoft Word, there might be a small step you are missing.

By default, Microsoft Word will show the term "Avery Standard" or "Avery US Letter" in its labelling area, under Label Vendors. To access the Australian and New Zealand templates, you need to select "Avery A4/A5". Then, scroll through and select the software code that appears on your packet, or sheet of labels. Voila!

Avery Wizard

The Avery Wizard for Microsoft Office is the fastest and easiest way to mail merge. It's perfect for beginners and experts. It's another place you can find Avery templates, and yet another reason why there's no need to create your own! It's free to download, and our recommended application for labelling and mail merge. It will take you through mail merge and labelling, and allow you to easily insert graphics. Plus, it works within Microsoft Word, so you'll see all your favourite Microsoft Word buttons.

We've written guides to help you use the Avery Wizard. We love it, and hope you will too!

Avery Design & Print Online

Avery Design & Print Online works completely on the internet. It features blank templates for all Avery printable products, and thousands of pre-designed templates (where we've done the work, adding images, colours and fonts). You don't need to download anything, and can access it from any computer attached to the internet. It's our favourite application for designing our business cards and correspondence cards because moving text and images is so easy, and you can access all the pre-designed templates, too.

Avery Design & Print Online works with PC, Mac® and Linux systems, and it's free! Try our guides to help you use it - you'll enjoy its power, capability and simplicity.

Have we convinced you yet? Hopefully now we've told you about some of our template and software options, you'll spread the word: there's no need to create your own Avery templates! You'll find almost all Avery printable labels, dividers and business cards in Microsoft Word, and a range of other template and software options. Tell your friends, tell your family, and your colleagues: DIY template creation is so 2011! Use the templates that are already there!

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