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Branding your conference
Branding your conference!

The business year is well and truly in high gear so you need to be making the most of everything that you do. Conferences and events may be a lot of work, but they can be effective in getting out a message and achieving your aims. To maximise their effect, you need to be clever about marketing your conference.

Organising a conference, business event or even just a large-scale meeting is a big job. Every detail needs to be coordinated so that you create a lasting impression on the attendees and continue to add value long after your event is over.

Although the conference content is probably the most important element to your event, how it’s presented and how easily accessible it is could make all the difference when it comes to enticing your delegates back again year after year. The trick is to exude professionalism, as this can heighten your business’ standing in the minds of attendees.

Branding the conference from start to finish will demonstrate that the event is meaningful to you and that your organisation will always give their best effort to any task. This may sound like a big job, but there are easy solutions for cutting down the time and cost of branding a conference.

Start off with a positive impression in your invitations. Whether you’re sending physical invites or emailing, make sure that it’s personalised, branded and clear with all of the details. Sending a physical invite will help you grab the attention of attendees, just because it will stand out from the crowd. This process can be time consuming, but if you use Avery Design & Print templates you can quickly merge your data and print out all of your address labels. The Avery templates also mean that you can get creative with your invitation design, even if it’s not your forte.

The best thing about creating the look for your conference at the invitation stage is that you can easily transfer the graphics, and layout onto any of the other Avery products with a single click. This will save you hours of work and eliminates the need to spend big on designers for marketing collateral.

Depending on what you have at your conference, you might create labels, place cards, fabric name badges, postcards or business cards. The benefit of using templates from Avery Design & Print is that you can easily have consistent branding and designs across all of this material. This will ensure your conference or event stands out without costing a fortune.

Product spotlight

Multi-purpose cards from the Avery Event Branding Solutions range have a number of uses, from displaying names or table numbers or using them as business cards, menus or agendas. They are available in two sizes to accommodate longer corporate messages. Both sizes feature smooth, non-perforated edges and thick stock to give you a professional, print-shop feel every time.

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