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Get ready for the office Christmas party
Be Ready and Raring for the Office Christmas Party
So you're responsible for preparing the office Christmas party this year! Are you looking forward to it, or approaching it with some trepidation? If it's the latter, we're here to help! Planning a party takes some organisation, some creativity, and where possible, a little bit of assistance. We're starting with a few ideas to get you ready and raring for your Christmas party this year. You can throw a party they'll talk about until the next one comes around!

The Budget

You'll need to establish the budget early, as it will affect many of your decisions. Talk to the managers and determine a figure, based on the number of people attending, and the type of party the company would like to provide. Costs of a themed, catered private function with guest entertainment are very different to a dinner in a restaurant. You might like to show them the bill for the previous year to provide a realistic indication of costs.

Food for Thought

Why not ask your colleagues what they thought of the Christmas party last year? Did they like the theme, style, venue and food? Was it the right day and time? It's unlikely you'll be able to satisfy everyone's requirements, but with some feedback, you can ensure you pay attention to any areas that were less appreciated last year.


An invitation sets the tone of your party and makes it feel more special. After all, this isn't a meeting they're expected to attend - it's a celebration! It's a chance for everyone to unwind and celebrate Christmas and the end of the year together. You can create festive invitations in just minutes using our Christmas designs for Avery Design & Print Online, and Avery Multipurpose DL Cards. You could select a design that matches your theme and colour scheme. It can introduce guests to what they'll see on the day!

Theming and Decorating

Follow your theme through as many areas of your party as possible. It will look striking and professional. Did you select a template from our Christmas designs? Or maybe you have another design, or just a colour. Christmas comes but once a year, so don't be afraid of colour and decorations! Try some of these:
  • Name tags featuring your theme - use Avery Fabric Name Badge Labels to avoid pin holes in your guests' clothes!
  • Place cards with your image or colour - use Avery Multipurpose Cards and the same template you selected for your invitations to create tags and place holders
  • Serviettes and place mats in your theme colours
  • Incorporate the theme colour in the dress code - if your colour scheme is red, include "Red, Red, Ready to Party" as your dress code on the invitation
Food, Glorious Food

One of the most memorable parts of any party or event is the food. The taste will linger long after the food has been finished! It's important to select a restaurant or caterer that you trust, or choose menu items that will appeal to your guests. It's not necessary to have the fanciest or most expensive food - there are plenty of people who enjoy simple, traditional finger food or a great roast. If your party involves staff contributing food dishes, give them enough time to prepare. We'd suggest communicating or advising some dish guidelines so you don't end up the same food!

Other key tips:
  • Ask for special dietary requirements in the lead up to the party. You'll need to ensure adequate food for vegetarians, allergies, intolerances or just plain preferences!
  • Try labelling your food so guests know what each dish is. You can use place card holders and print on Avery Quick & Clean Business Cards.
  • Make sure there is enough food to counteract hungry appetites and alcohol consumption!
Think About Safety

Parties are terrific, but be mindful of the safety of the staff. Consider how alcohol will be distributed, and how staff are going to travel home. Can your company offer taxi vouchers? Is a communication regarding responsible consumption of alcohol required? Have bartenders been briefed? It's important to encourage staff to be as safe and responsible as at any other party. Talk to management if you have any concerns.

The Final Word

If you plan ahead and try some of the ideas above, you're sure to create a celebration that's warm, wonderful and very memorable. Some of the smallest details can make the difference between a good party and a great party. Don't forget to have fun - you want to be ready and raring on the day of the party too!

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