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Mail Merge with Google Docs

Google Docs & Avery have teamed up to make mail merges quicker by introducing the Avery Add-on. This step by step guide shows you how easy it is to mail merge Avery labels and cards using Google Docs.

Step 1: Add the 'Add-on'

The Avery Google Merge App is not in the Google Chrome Web Store. It is an “Add-on”, which is located and activated from Google Docs as follows:
- Select the Add-ons menu and choose Get add-ons.
- Scroll to and click on the Avery Add-on and click the ‘Free ’ button.
- The Add-on will install and automatically run.

Step 2: Start your mail merge

Click “Start New Merge” and choose from the category window either Address Labels or Name Badges, then select your Avery product code. Only our most popular products are included, so if you don't see your product listed, click here to use Avery Design & Print Online.

Step 3: Create or select your spreadsheet

Use Google Sheets to create a spreadsheet with your address list or the names of attendees of your event. Arrange your data in columns Tip: Use column headings to easily identify what data is stored in each column (name, house number, company name etc.) it makes it much easier to merge your data when you know what is in each column.

Step 4: Select the data you want to merge

Select the spreadsheet that contains your data. Select the columns you want to merge from the sidebar. Move the cursor to where you want the data placed and click the column names until they are all arranged in the box. Don't format the text yet--that comes next.

Step 5: Merge your data

Click the Merge button on the sidebar and a new Document will appear with your data populated on the sheet. Please ensure all the text has remained with the label or card edges.

Step 6: Test & Print

Avery recommends to print on a piece of plain paper first to check the layout is correct. If you save your label/card, it will stay linked with your spreadsheet, so you can re-load your merge at a later stage or save the file for a later editing.

The Avery Label Merge Add-on is for simple text documents only. For more creative projects using images, bar-codes, serial numbers and more Avery recommends to use Avery Design & Print Online.

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