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Get your mail in the spotlight
Put Your Mail in the Spotlight
In today's busy world, we receive mail and toss it aside to read later. Sometimes we don't even read it at all! That's not great to hear when you have a message you really want to have read. Here are some ideas on how you can add impact to your mail when you really want to get noticed. Whether you're trying to be purely creative, or stand out with your company's professionalism, we've got some ideas to capture the attention of your audience.

Get ready to shine!

Professional Packaging

Logo visibility. If you're sending mail and you know your logo will encourage opening, ensure it is easily seen. A familiar logo evokes trust in your organisation, and in your mail.
Durable packaging. Use the right strength of packaging for your item. Talk to the post office and discuss options to avoid a broken product or crushed contract.
Quality, from start to finish. Don't use cheap materials, or send crooked address labels, or send unsealed envelopes. Remember the image you want to project.

Creative Packaging

Professionalism and drama. Make your package itself dramatic with colour, ensuing you can still use your logo in the optimum colour.
Colour their world. Don't underestimate the impact of colour. Coloured envelopes stand out from the crowd, even subliminally.
Feel your way. A textured envelope can break through the masses and be felt before it is even seen. It will distract the recipient from other pieces of mail!
Think outside the square! Try using shape to distinguish your mail. Consider a tube, or a series of boxes within boxes, to be truly memorable.

Quick Tips to Matching Mail With Your Labels!

For elegance…use Avery® Clear Mailing Labels on a beautiful gift box - for that really special item
For recognition…print your logo on an Avery White Colour Laser Label for vivid colour and optimum presentation
For resilience…
Avery Durable Heavy Duty Labels will withstand the elements for mail that will do the rounds
For total impact…use a coloured box with an Avery Clear Mailing Label - it will be colour all the way
For targeted impact…use
Avery Signalling Fluoro Labels to signify urgency or incorporate a promotional message

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