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Keep your workspace organised and tidy
Workspace Woes Are a Thing of the Past
Like it or not, we’re often judged on the state of our desk or office. Establishing and keeping your workspace organised and tidy helps you look good, find things more easily and work with less stress. Adding a personal touch with colour or something from home makes your work environment a better place to be.

Tips to Picking a Sought-after Office Location:
  • A window seat is a great seat! You’ll get the benefit of natural light and a view.
  • A workstation that is away from high traffic or noisy areas of the office minimises disruptions from the general office noise
  • Consider the air conditioning in your office. If you feel the cold, you don’t want to be stuck under a vent that blows cold air!
Create the Right Space

Organise your space functionally and effectively with adequate shelving, a sizable desk, and a comfortable and adjustable chair. You’ll work better with furniture and space that suits your requirements.

Prioritise the items that you use frequently, storing them within easy reach. The items that you use less often can be stored in a cupboard or filing cabinet (where more effort is required to access them). It means you can access your information easily, and then also return them to their home easily. You’re more likely to retain the organisation and keep your desk tidy when it is less effort to do so.

Style Your Way

Select your desk accessories to tone down what you want to hide and contrast what you want to accentuate. This will help your workspace sit ‘comfortably’ within the existing interior and colour scheme while still having some colour that makes you feel good about your work environment. Then personalise your space with photographs or something that helps make the day to day desk time more fun. This way you can give your workspace a personality that you want to be around!

Label It!

Use a labelling system to mark folders and files to ensure they are always easy to grab when you’re rushing to a meeting, or need someone else to grab the file. Your colleagues will be super impressed with your desk if they can find what they need (and return it afterwards) when you’re not there.

Clutter-free From the Start

Ensure your paperwork doesn’t get lost in a pile by using letter trays, magazine file, binders and expanding files. Contain clutter with the help of desk drawers and pen holders. ‘Hide away’ the mess by managing frequently used working documents in manila files and document wallets.

If our desk is a good place to be, we feel better about our work. If our workspace is tidy and organised, it’s a better work environment for us, and for our colleagues. It’s time to make your workspace woes a thing of the past!

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